Saturday, October 21, 2006

my foot, errands, and a refi

Well I finally did something about the ache in my foot--the ache that I was slightly concerned was arthritis, or a bone out of place or who knows what? The heel of my foot had been hurting for a couple of months, and I didn't know if I'd done that at step-aerobics or if I was just getting arthritis in my 30s like my mom did.

Anyway, there is a chiropractor in my ward whose kids I used to babysit, and I decided it was silly not to just talk to him about it and see what he said. So he invited me in for a consult, looked at my foot, poked, pulled, asked a million questions and basically it came down to the fact that I'd likely just hurt my arch from my high-impact aerobics exercise. My bones were fine but my arch is falling or hurt. Basically he just told me to cut back a bit on the aerobics a couple of days a week, wear my tennis shoes with the good arch support during the day, and do a few stretches in the morning to help with the stiffness. He said it was likely that it would get better over time, that I hadn't done any permanent damage.

So, good news bad news really. I was really hoping to come out "healed" but at least it's not arthritis like I was afraid it was and thus nothing permanently debilitating. The chiropractor was sweet enough not to charge me as well, so that was very nice of him. Thanks Dr. Alvidrez!

The boys and I ran a ton of errands this morning including dropping books off at the library, trying to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy (my insurance is supposedly all good and out of transition, but they couldn't confirm that yet so I still don't have my Rx), returning a rented carpet cleaner (Danny Rug-Doctored our carpets yesterday--they look SO GOOD), depositing checks into the bank, gassing up the van, then taking the van through the carwash (which the kids love, even though it's just the cheapie $1 basic wash at Albertsons) and then of course the chiropractic visit.

We also finished up our paperwork and interview for a refinance on our house. We're in a 5% adjustable rate mortgage which seemed like a brilliant idea a few years ago, but now we realize it was just silly, to have an ARM when rates are at the lowest they've been in like 30 years...the only direction it's likely to go is UP! So we just solidified a refi fixed rate of 6.25% on a 20 year mortgage. I'm excited about that and the possibility of paying the sucker down as quickly as we can. We'll then just have our mortgage and our van as far as debts, so our debt snowball is ROLLING! Thanks, Dave Ramsey!

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tif-do said...

you need to put a word verification on your blog so you don't get adds like the one above. Sounds like you had a productive day.