Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Just a little somethin' somethin' I worked on yesterday. This is Sean glued to the TV as he zones out playing "Crash Team Racing" on our antiquated Playstation. It's a Playstation ONE, for crying outloud, and now they have a three coming out soon for like $600. Unreal.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to simplify my scrap pages so I'm not spending hours on end making minute little details that no one but me really notices and appreciates!

On a side-completely-unrelated-note, Ethan got in BIG trouble yesterday for cutting my daycare darling's hair!! Yes, can you believe it? He cut it right on top, right close to the scalp, about a 3" square section. Can you imagine the phone call I had to make to her poor mother? I felt so bad, and of course I feel guilty every time I see her shorn head! Ethan is totally fascinated with scissors at present. Yikes!

On another side note, my dear hubby is looking into Paramedic School in February. It would be a concentrated 6 month program, so he'd go Feb-Aug, putting him exactly one year behind what we thought was going to happen. He has to apply of course and get in all the right paperwork and referrals and such by December 4th, so nothing is set yet, but this is something we're working on and excited about for now. Here's to one more year of amazing stress!! It'll be worth it, right?? Posted by Picasa

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tif-do said...

It could be worse. When Wyatt was about 4, he hit his brother with the claw end of the hammer right on top of his head. He still has an inch long scar. Very cute!!! at least hair grows back.