Friday, November 10, 2006

super saturday, fabulous friday, whatever!

Our Relief Society's Super Saturday was tonight (yes, on a Friday, ya make do with what ya got!) and I believe it was a great success. For those of you who aren't familiar with this idea, it's basically a large craft day for sisters in the ward. We had over 35 people signed up to do any of 5 different projects. I made this stocking board to hang our Christmas stockings on, I just need to add the nails. It was easy! Dinner was great too. Thanks to all who taught classes, helped us prep, and brought food. More pictures are in the album. Posted by Picasa


tif-do said...

I want one!!!

LIZZEE said...

This is really cute.. I bet teh boys will love it.. Was that free hand.. Your penmanship is great

amiedanny said...

No, it's vinyl from a machine. Good stuff!