Saturday, November 4, 2006

ward camp-out

Our ward camp-out was this weekend and of couse we had a ball! So many of our friends were there. It was funny, Cameron totally hung out all night with 'Matthew' and even independently left us at dinner time (to my shock) to "go eat at Matthew's tent." Thank heavens Matthew's mom was fine with that. It was great to see him being social and having so much fun. The last several times we'd camped it had been up on the Mogollon Rim which gets quite chilly at night, so this was the warmest place we'd camped since probably last year's ward camp-out! We were nice and cozy as we slept and the kids did pretty well all night long. See the album for over 60 pictures. Yeah, I get a bit camera-crazy. I'm not that great at taking pictures and my camera is nothing special...but I LOVE having the pictures to look at and remember experiences by!

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Brian and Jessica said...

Those are way cute! Notice how my family isn't in any of the morning?? My dad was way sick this morning, what's worse is it's his birthday!! Thanks for sharing!