Friday, December 15, 2006

ethan on the laptop

I've been trying to post a video clip of this, but I just can't figure out how. Maybe I'll get it up here another day. Anyway, Ethan's Developmental Specialist brought her laptop this week so Ethan could do something different. Boy did he love it! He really thought he was hot stuff, getting to use the Elmo mouse instead of just watching as his brothers play, which is his usual role! His therapist said he showed really good control for his first time, that he never looked at his hand, and kept his eyes on the screen and the cursor as he maneuvered the mouse. He did several hand-eye coordination activities and other preschool games like popping virtual bubbles, matching baby animals to their mamas, playing music, and coloring. He seems like such a big boy in these pictures! Check out the web album for more.

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