Friday, December 8, 2006

in need of a vacation!

Holy cow, this week went quickly! I can't believe it's Friday already. I've just been so busy this week with Christmas and shopping and wrapping and primarily getting things ready for last night's Progressive Dinner for the relief society.

It went so well! I'm exhausted, and by the end of the night, I figured I had been standing for about 5 solid hours, but it went really really well and I think the girls had a good time. We started at one house for appetizers, then another for salad, a third for the main meal, and then the fourth house for dessert and cocoa. I'd been at all the homes earlier in the night, helping to prepare a bit, but really, they were mostly on the ball without any help from me. These ladies know how to decorate and make a room look awesome! The highlight of each visit was the spiritual thought and music that was performed. I actually missed most of this, because my Enrichment leader and I needed to stay about 15 minutes ahead of everyone, making sure the next home's meal and drinks were ready. So that was a bummer, but not a surprise. We got the main meal ready literally seconds before the 63 ladies began filing thru the doors. At the last minute, we'd had to cut ham, warm up and then set out scallopped potatoes, warm and serve what were originally very cold buns, and get the beans out and ready. And pour drinks for 60 sisters. Somehow, I ended up doing that at all four homes! Then after it was all over, was the clean up of course, so we ended up working backwards, making sure each home was back to form and collect things and dishes that needed to end up back with owners.

Anyway, the hostesses were so gracious and welcoming and I'm so thankful to them and to the Visiting Teaching board who put together a wonderful program. It was about the women in Christ's life and just wonderful. It really helped remind me what this season is all about, and helped me to just pause and think for a minute (at the last house when I didn't have to rush off to prepare another home!) about His life and His mission and our mission as sisters and visiting teachers in this church. I hope to carry this sweet message with me for the rest of the holiday season!

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heatherives said...

You did a great job Amie!! Everyone enjoyed it. It was a wonderful night! thank you so much. You sure have alot of energy. You have been very productive.