Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the last two days

Some interesting things have happened the last couple of days. My Grandma is starting dialysis on two failing kidneys--I guess this is something she'll do 3 times a week for the rest of her life. Sounds horrid; I'm not sure what to hope for, a speedy recovery or a quick passing. My parents are meeting with Hospice to discuss options. Sad.

Last night we went with a few families from our ward to an old folks home to sing Christmas carols. It was a little awkward at first, since we were the only ones there for about 15 minutes, but the residents were very sweet and encouraging and smitten with Ethan who was putting on quite a show. It was fun to sing for them (and some even sang along); hopefully we brought a smile in our simple way. For some reason I kept getting emotional while singing the songs; just the thought of someone I loved being in a place like this and the sweet thoughts of Christmas and the season kept choking me up. It was fun. Cameron was a handful, but Sean did really well and afterwards we mingled with the elderly for a while. It was fun.

Tonight we made nativities for our Family Home Evening (since we were gone most of last night) and we talked about the real reasons for Christmas and about what happened during that special night so many years ago when the Savior was born. I was happy to realize that Sean already knew most of the facts and was able to help us tell the story. Then we finished up with chocolate shakes for the boys and fat-free No Pudge brownies for myself...YUM!! Those are so very very good, I feel like I'm cheating my diet when I eat them.

Danny's been off the last 3 days but will then work 36 hours straight tomorrow through Thursday night. I hope to get some scrapping done, lol!

I've been enjoying volunteering at Sean's classroom occasionally and hope to do so once every other week or so. He really likes having me there too.

Tonight after the kids went to bed, we watched Antonio Banderas in "Take the Lead"; it was pretty good--had some great dancing in it!

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