Saturday, December 2, 2006

"monster house" review

I had mixed feelings going into this one, had heard that it wasn't really for kids, too scary, etc. I have to tell you though, I really enjoyed it. Certainly, it's a bit scary, and my kids said it was scary, but they were riveted to it. Even after saying he didn't like it, Sean watched it again with me as I watched it today. The babysitter definitely shows behaviors that I don't want emulated, and she's a negative part of the movie (so we had to have a talk about what was appropriate for a babysitter to do and say while sitting) but I don't think anything she said was particularly inappropriate, unless I missed something.

The CGI is awesome, the story takes a very unexpected plot turn, and it kept me very entertained. We'll be getting our own copy. I liked the celebrity voices, including Steve Buscemi who is one of my favorites. All in all, I recommend it; however if you're concerned that it might be too scary for your little ones, just watch it first to get an idea if it's right for you.

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