Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This is what I worked on after the boys went to bed tonight...I just got an itching to pain! This is Cameron's room. It had this nice neon green on two walls and a contrasting blue on the other two, and then stitches/stripes in the corners for around 2.5 yrs, since before Ethan was born. I did it then for his nusery. It was bright and a bit wild and crazy, but I really liked it and it matched his stuff pretty well.

Well, I've since outgrown it, and now that Ethan is out and shares the bunk bed with Sean, Cameron moved into this room by himself; the green just did not match his Blues Clues bedding at all, but I'd never had the chance to paint it. Until tonight when I got the bug!

I didn't have a roller, but I had tape, caulk, paint, a ladder, and all the other essentials needed to do the grunt work, the corners and edges and everything a roller won't reach. So tomorrow I'll grab a roller and I'll be set; away will go the green for a time. Perhaps it will resurface in my laundry room some day. I keep saying I'm going to paint it some nice bright color and then put our hand prints on it with the date. Sounds fun, don't you think? I can see my husband rolling his eyes now. He likes bare white walls. BORING! I like to change things up! Anyway, when this is done, I'll have two walls in taupe and the original two walls will stay Blues Clues blue. I'll update as I go! (the color didn't turn out well in this picture)

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