Saturday, January 13, 2007

date night!

So yay, Amie and Danny got a night out! I've been looking forward to it for about two weeks since I realized dear Daniel actually had a Friday off. He's been working a ton since New Year's and has one more tough week and then he'll slow things down a bit.

So, our date...first we started out with a little picture taken by our favorite babysitter, JI. He's a great kid, totally trustworthy, and my kids love him. In fact, when he passes the sacrament in church, I have to totally supress my 4 yr old from calling out "Hi, J!" It's pretty humorous.

First stop was Red Robin, one of my favorites because they let you substitute soy Boca Burgers for their hamburger patties. I love Boca, and this way I feel like I can eat out and not totally blow my diet. (Which can somehow get blown away by their bottomless steak fries...hmmm) I know, soy burgers sounds totally disgusting, but they're actually not half bad and I'm quite used to them. Anyway, I had the Bonzai Teriyaki Burger. Love it! These burgers are huge. It took me several nibbling bites before I could smush the entire thing into my mouth. Totally worth getting all gooey and sticky over! And our waitress, Christy, was very good.

Danny loved the fact that from our vantage point he could view the game from not one, not two, but three televisions, located at various places all over the restarant.
I don't know about you guys, but when we're at a restaurant on a date, I like to sit next to my burly man, not across from him. I mean, that's all good too, and probably better for communication and the eye to eye and all that, but I really enjoy just being next to him, having him close to me, and getting to put my hand on his thigh at various points throughout our meal. (Plus, it was fuh-reezing in there, and he was good for body heat. It has been so stinking cold in AZ this week! Like seriously winter. I have this little light sweater that I wear, and it's just not cutting it this week.)

After din-din we went to the cheapie theatre (remember when the Dollar theatre movies cost a dollar? Now they cost $3!) to see "The Prestige", something I've wanted to see for a while because I'm crazy about Christian Bale. Anyone ever see "Newsies" back in the early 90s? That's when I fell in like with CB. Anyway, I have mixed feelings about the movie. I liked it, I did. But it was really confusing; definitely one of those movies that I need to see twice to catch it all. There are lots of plot twists. And the dialogue, took about 20 minutes for me to get used to the accents. It's the type of movie that you keep thinking about for days afterwards. Really interesting. I do recommend it, but catch it on video so you can immediately watch it again to catch it all and use the closed captioning for the subtitles, LOL!


tif-do said...

Your quite the fetching couple!

Purplbtrfly1 said...

SO glad you could get a date night with your hubby! I haven't had one in six months with mine! Hoping to go next friday!! Cross your fingers for me! By the way you and your huuby compliment each other wonderfully! Such a great couple! Glad to see you had tons of fun, you deserved it!!!

leaner said...

Love the pics! I have very few pictures of my hubby and I together (the one on my blog right now, is the most recent.) I like Red Robin,also. Their fries are tasty!
Ah- my anniversary is coming up, so we'll be getting a night out. I totally need to plan it or we end up driving around like eedeeots! LOL