Wednesday, January 10, 2007

goals for 2007

So I don't really have anything to say, I just felt like blogging. I get so much enjoyment out of reading all my friends' blogs and have made several new friends in doing so. It's really been fun for me to journal more and learn new things about old friends as well!

Ahh, I know, I can post my goals for 2007. For our FHE last night we set goals for the year. Writing these down and deciding with the kids what they should try for this's funny, inspiring, cute, daunting, overwhelming, encouraging...everything all together seeing them on paper. One of Sean's goals was to Get Married Right Now. Perhaps that's more of a long-term goal...15 year plan? One of Cameron's (as suggested by Mom) is that he wipe his own, uhhh, bum. Don't I just love being summoned to the boys potty room by the ego-deflating phrase, "Mom! I went poop! Can you wipe my bum?" Glad I can help you out, kiddo.

Anyway, back to my goals. It's the longest list of goals I've made in many many moons (a little Indian lingo there) so I hope it's not totally unobtainable. Inobtainable? Non-obtainable? I hope I can do them!!

1: Weight, of course. I want to be down 10 pounds next year. I did it last year, so I know it's possible.

2: Walk on treadmill 2x/week. Probably my hardest goal on the whole list.

3: Scrapbook up thru June 07. I'm consistently about a year behind...I'd like to get caught up to the point that I'm only half a year behind. (was that an oxy-moronic sentence or what?) Something that's likely quite impossible since I take so many durn pictures now with the digital.

4: Pay off the van. Actually, we hope to accomplish this by March. I am so excited about that!

5: Start working on Emergency Fund (3-6 months expenses) Half-way would be great.

6: Complete the New Testament. Totally doable. I think there's only like 400 pages. If I read a chapter a day I'll likely finish with plenty of time.

7: Bear my testimony twice in sacrament meeting over the year. Been in the ward over 4 1/2 years, and I don't think I've born my testimony once, other than during my lessons in RS. For shame! I'm just so shy and I stutter and can't get out complete thoughts, and I never have any cute stories or anything interesting to say. My calling is forcing me to get over that one though. And I need to be a good example to my kids on this one. They need to know I have a testimony of the restored church. They need to know I know.

8: Read one good book a month. I originally put two, then thought that was pushing things.

9: Stay current on Ensign reading. I got lazy and haven't read Sept-Dec yet. I'll read 3-4 months at a time and then sluff off. I need out of that habit.

10: Invite 5 people to church. Another toughie for me. I'll do it.

I noticed that my dear sweet husband added an 11th goal on my list, something he wishes I'd do every day, but that just ain't gonna happen, dear! 'Nuff said! =)

I wonder if anyone else will post their goals? I'd love to hear them.


Anonymous said...

oooohhhh, I can't wait to help you reach your goal on giving your testimony in church. and hey, number eleven every day could count for one treadmill walk and really help with the weight loss thing. ha. I just couldn't resist.

Purplbtrfly1 said...

I read the wipping the bum thing and died laughing! I remember my kids calling me when we would have guest over to do that deed for them and one time my son coming out of the bathroom naked to ask me to do it for him. Too funny!! Wishing you luck on that one. For me my son hit 7 when I finally said enough is enough! I think I need to make my family sit down and make a goal list. Excellent idea! I know we have only met once and it was briefly and that you were busy with your boys but I have really enjoyed chatting with you on KT! And one of these days I will get those magazines from ya! LOL. Keep up the good work!