Sunday, January 21, 2007

renissance festival 06 layout

This is kind of embarassing, but I was up till 1:30 in the morning working on this layout! I had a late start, and then once I got in a zone I didn't want to stop. I guess since we now have 10:00a church, I don't feel so pressed to get in bed by 10:00p. And yay, now I have pictures to scrap! After two failed attempts at getting my colored printer cartridge from ebay, I finally ordered some pics from York, Clark, and Winkflash online. All of the pics came out great, but York and Clark have better rates, upload faster, and shipped faster. By the way, my third batch of cartridges is supposedly on it's way from ebay, but I hold little faith in them working.

Anyway, this LO is about our trip to the Renaissance Festival for our anniversary last Feb 06. Love the festival! We'd both been before, just not together, so this was so fun for us.


heatherives said...

cute layout! Now I know why you looked so tired today. ha ha

Anonymous said...


April Hall said...

I really like this. The colors go really nice together! Very good job!