Monday, January 1, 2007

vacuum advice?

Hello readers, and Happy New Year. We have decided to replace our dying vacuum cleaner. We've saved up and had a couple of returns from Christmas and are ready to buy....just have no idea what to get. In the past, we've always gotten the cheapies, $40-$60 vacuums, and we're just about ready to put our third out to pasture, that is, third in 9 years. Is that normal? Anyway, I'd like to spend closer to $100, but I don't want to buy a $100 vacuum cleaner just to buy a $100 vacuum cleaner. Anyone have any advice? I know that once I have some models in mind, I can research them online, but I don't know where to start. 2 of our last three have been Dirt Devils and the third was a Eureka I think. I've been looking at a bagless Bissell at Wal-mart, but again, I'm clueless. Any input would be great! Thanks so much!


kanga5 said...

Hi- this is Amber over at -Have I Told You Lately- I just wanted to say that you have a fun blog here and I'm a regular. :) I don't remember if I've ever posted but I thought I'd say hello.

I don't know much about vacumes for under $100. Our first one was pretty good- don't remember the brand. Now we have central vac. I've heard good things about Dysons but I don't know if they come in that price range. HTH!

leaner said...

I LOVE my kenmore vac! From Sears, it has had an issue once, but if you get the extended warranty they fix it up for free. I have had it for 3 years (oh, and the issue I took it in for... my own fault, I overloaded the circuits and it has a button that you push to reset, so really didn't have to take it in. They did routine maintenance- cleaning out the hoses and stuff on it.)
Its not bagless, Kenmore does have bagless, however we have 3 cats and the pet hair clogs the filter quickly so its not worth it at all. Good luck! I looked for about 1 year before settling on the vac I bought!