Monday, February 12, 2007

smallville/work & the glory fans

OK, this is gonna mean nothing to most of you, but for you who watch "Smallville" and have seen "The Work and the Glory" movies...did you realize that Lana's boyfriend Whitney from the first season is also Joshua Steed from TWATG?

I mentioned that we've been watching past seasons...we're only on like episode 8 from the first season and from the beginning, I've had the thought that I knew Whitney from somewhere. Tonight I looked him up on Voila! Mystery solved. And very cool too. And I already know that he gets written out somehow at some point...don't tell me. I like to be surprised. But I guess that'll have to happen if Clark ever wants to get the girl. Does Clark ever get the girl??

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Casey Lu said...

DO you really want to know if Clark will ever or has had the girl?? MY hubby and I are huge Smallville fans too since the first episode!!!!