Thursday, February 22, 2007

wedding album layouts

It appears I am a bit behind in the scrapping of my wedding, since it happened approximately nine years and a week ago? I started working on my wedding scrapbook around three years ago, then got busy with doing albums for the kids, and then my style changed and I found that I didn't really scrap the same way any more, so I wasn't sure how to finish it. I always knew I would, I just knew it would look kind of funky going from the perfectly symmetrical, straight, clean, perpendicular lined pages to the shabby, messy, crammed full of stuff pages to the highly embellished one photo per page layouts that I tend to do now.

Such dilemmas. Well, being as last week was such the nostalgic and romantic one, I pulled out the album anyway with the goal of making some headway and getting a few more pages done. These are totally simple, nothing amazing...these will get no WOW votes. But I thought I'd share anyway. A couple of them I straight lifted from some site I'd seen a couple of years ago. If you look closely, some of you may see yourselves in the background. =) By the way, the last one I did for a KT challenge, to use the word "Treasure" somewhere in the journaling. This scripture had been running through my head ever since finding the challenge. I'm so glad it worked with these pictures of our first dance as husband and wife.


Anonymous said...

Amie how fun

Deanna Payne said...

Amie, some of those pages are ones to WOW about. I love the circle page and the page with the treasure scripture. I hope you don't mind me swiping that scripture from your layout. This is so beautiful the way you did the hearts and the doodling. Good job Girl!

April Hall said...

I think they are adorable!
By the way, did you participate in Cristen's card swap today? Which card was yours? She asked me to be in both groups last month, so I'm curious which was yours. :) Mine was the blue one with the cake stamped on the circle hanging from a saftey pin. ;)

The Bluths said...

So are you sore? I am aching all over!