Saturday, March 17, 2007

happy st. paddy's day

Here's what we had for breakfast this morning. Nummy nummy green pancakes. Good stuff.

Last night, spur of the moment, Danny and I went out on a date. Grandma lovingly came to babysit and we hit the town! We shopped at wally-world for Cameron's birthday and are pretty much done there. We fed the ducks at a nearby 'lake', and then we used a gift card at Chili's--we were both really pleased with this restaurant and will go back. The food was great and so was our waitress, Heather. A bit too perky, but very eager to please so we tipped her well. Afterwards, a quick run to the scrapbook store (just about completes a perfect date, does it not?), then we came back home and wrapped all the presents so curious eyes couldn't find them.

Later today, we're going to a Diamondbacks Spring Training game. I haven't been to one in a while, so I'm not sure if I should bring chairs or just a blanket, food in a cooler, or just drinks...we'll see. We also made shamrocks earlier and taped them to our front door. After the game, we'll make some shamrock sugar cookies. Sounds like a good dinner, yes?

I've uploaded a bunch of recent photos to the photo albums. Check it out!


Amie said...

Don't they look delicious LOL, I should have done that here.... MMmm maybe next year. Your scrapping space looks great - it is so much easier to get lots done when it is organised hey!

We haven't been on our date this month so I think we will have to go next weekend.


LIZZEE said...

I bet the boys loved this how fun