Saturday, March 3, 2007

new blog background

I'd love to hear your opinions on my new blogger background. I get so bored with the same ol' thing month after month. I think I'll try to change it up every 60 days or so! Fun! I'm up way too late working on it. At least I can say I got some things accomplished today: cleaning, scrapping (I'm going through some transition period here...not crazy about anything I've done lately, lookin' to change up my style once more), taxes (YES!) and the kids got three square meals today. I even stayed OP. (On-Point Weight-Watchers wise) I'm looking forward to a nice day of rest tomorrow; a day to reflect and feel the spirit, slow down, learn, and open myself up a bit more to whatever promptings the Holy Ghost wants to whisper to me. I should allow myself to be in that spot every day, but I'm a work in progress. =)


April Hall said...

Love the new background! I think it suits your page well!!!! I love PINK!

delfina said...

I love your new back ground. So pretty.

sunshineperri said...

Love the did you do it??
I am itching to change mine!!!