Thursday, April 19, 2007

feeding ducks & little boys

This was an interesting night...just lookin' for something to do with the kids, Dan grabbed a loaf of bread and took us to the Kingswood Parke Fountains to feed the ducks. Always an adventure! The funny part about this water area is that the fish in the pond are HUGE and vicious! I think they must be pretty used to people coming by with bread because the fish will just swarm around the ducks and nab the bread before the ducks can get to it. They'll jump out of the water and everything. I got splashed several times by hungry fish.

Afterwards, we went to Water & Ice for some Thrifty's Ice cream. Remember when this stuff was like 25c/scoop? Not anymore! Anyway, we all got different flavors and jumped in the van to come home. 2 miles later, we realized that Cameron had taken a little package of candy from the store. We immediately turned around and talked about how it's not right to steal things from the store and that he needed to return it and apologize to the storekeeper. Danny even told the kids that people who steal go to jail. So we got back to the store, and Dan and Cam went inside to return the candy. Meanwhile, Sean starts crying. When I asked him what was wrong, he cried, "I don't want Cameron to go to jail!" I promised him that Cameron wouldn't, that little kids don't go to jail, but it still wasn't right to steal and that Heavenly Father is disappointed when we make bad choices. All ended up well and the storekeeper was surprised to have the candy make its return.


LIZZEE said...

Well that' was a great story as always.. Poor guys.. Lesson learned.=-)

Amie said...

Hi Amie, I have just caught up on your week!! I got my first bit of scrapping done last night for what seemed like ages. Your LO are looking great. I am a bit of a plain scrapper I like busy pages but just can't pull them off!


delfina said...

Glad you all had fun at the park. Poor little guy, but at least ypu know he wont do it no more, at least for a long time.