Thursday, April 26, 2007


Here's Cameron's shot. I think I have a better one on my computer, but I don't have any good ink enough to print a picture. This will do for now. Not sure aobut his was a quick one. Took me about 20 minutes last night. I'm just afraid the paint looks like blood? What do you think?

The hidden journaling says: Not to take away from the reason we were there (to entertain the kids of course) but what can I say about ol' Spidey? He'd put on a bit of weight since saving the world last & was a bit dewey in the general armpit location. Also, when he, lets just ask the women & children to face the other way, shall we? A bit too form-fitting for my taste. Anyway, the line was quite long & we got there early, so poor Peter Parker certainly had his work cut out for him. =)


LIZZEE said...

Wow Great Amie. I am sure you will rock the Cyber crop at KT I can't wait to go for three days.. I am trying to plan ahead of time this time and pull photos instead of taking boxes of photos etc. This was a darling two part layout. Your son will treasure it.

Ashley Harris said...

Too funny! Love the journaling, your spidey layouts are great!