Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tag! 6 things

I think I've already done this once, but it's fun, so I'll try to think of new quirks.

Here's a fun game! I was tagged by April.

I'm going to post 6 strange facts about myself. I'm going to "tag" 4 of my bloggin' buddies. If you are tagged, you have to post 6 strange facts about yourself on your blog and tag 4 people. Don't forget to link back to your original tagger!

1. I grew up in the middle of the desert and so am kind of used to scorpions and snakes. My Dad killed probably a couple dozen snakes in the 20+yrs we lived there. So I don't freak out around them. But get me near a cockroach and I go crazy. Those make me flip out. So gross and so fast and ... I must now change the subject cuz I'm getting the creeps.

2. I can't stand to drive behind a cement mixer truck, nor a car carrier. Seen too many dumb movies.

3. Speaking of movies, I have such an overactive imagination, I literally CAN NOT watch scary movies or I freak myself out at night. I am finally at the point where I can not even watch the previews. Even those scare me.

4. I was a huge Doogie Howser fan as a kid/young teen and had pictures of him on my door. (As well as that cutie patootie from Life Goes On, remember him? I can't recall his name.) Now, Doogie Howser is gay in real life. And he's not all that cute. What was I thinking?

5. My favorite band is the Barenaked Ladies. That's only a strange fact if you're not familiar with them. They are not barenaked, nor are they ladies. They are five fully clothed men from Canada. Great music. I've seen them in concert 4 or 5 times. At one point in college, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me during a concert and even that has not swayed my fan-dom. Dumb guy.

6. I think I posted this before, but I wear mascara every day. Even if I'm going no where. Or just working out. Or know that I'll go swimming later. I have blonde eye lashes and without mascara, I look like a 12 yr old boy.

I want to hear from all of you, but I'll specifically tag someone different this time: Christine, Shawnette, Abenanna, and Heather.


April Hall said...

Most of the time I just look, by we LOVE staying at the Monte Carlo in vegas---they have their own line of stuff so it smells REALLY good!

Christine said...

Done - Thanks Amie that was fun!

heather said...

you are so naughty for tagging me. I am really bad at this usually, but I will try.