Monday, April 9, 2007

tales from the weekend

What a weekend it has been! A baby blessing, a sealing for that baby (err, toddler/2 yr old) a birthday party, Easter, it was just a busy busy couple of days. And so awesome! I love when all the family comes together (and we got lucky enough to have two weekends in a row like this!) I love this picture of Danny at my sister-in-law's home the night of the blessing...he's just so hot! ;)
Here's the guest of honor himself, with all the men who helped give him a name and a blessing. He was so well-behaved! He sat so well and said a very definite "amen" at the end. So cute!
Look at my cutie sister-in-law's prego belly, pregnant with what will now be her third child due this summer. We're so excited for her! The following morning at the temple was another awesome experience, where little Jared was sealed to his family for all time and eternity. What an amazing blessing!! Again, he was so well behaved, did just what he needed to do and more and was very well behaved. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room! Afterwards we took many many family pictures--here's our weird wild wacky bunch.The grass was so green, the weather was perfect, and the flowers were gorgeous; just love spring flowers.

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