Sunday, May 6, 2007

catchin' up

Just some updates that I haven't gotten around to posting: Danny did make it into the Paramedic Academy through Southwest Ambulance's program in Mesa, starting late May. He'll go M-F and be gone from 6a-7p every day. We hope he'll be able to carpool, because in bad traffic, that's like a 90 minute commute. Oy. We're anxious to get it started. His program instructor has already said that they feel Dan will be a big help to the other students in the program, since he's already been thru it once. No pressure. We just want him to make it. Last year was one of the hardest in our lives and now we'll get to do it all over again in a nicely condensed so-hard-your-head-may-explode 7 months. Good times.

Cameron had his last IEP with the Special Ed preschool this week and we were informed that due to results of an updated IQ test, speech evaluations (both expressive and receptive) and psychological profiles, he is just within age appropriate limits and will start kindergarten without any special services or modifications. In others words, he's normal. Laugh, whatever that means! Basically, he does not have a learning disability, his scores are well within normal parameters for his age and his articulation is developmentally appropriate. Now in the future, if he doesn't happen to progress or if he's 7 and still can't pronounce his R's, they'll pull him for speech and language artic resource a couple times a week. But for now, he's good to go as a normal kindergartner. Very cool, very exciting, and very scary! I think I've used his learning disability and delays as a crutch over the years, and now... well, he'll be expected to perform as any other 5 yr old would. Yay, Cameron!

He surprised us this week by repeating the entire Goldilocks and the Three Bears story word for word (about a five minute long story), complete with voices for Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and Goldilocks. I'm going to have to get this on video because it's so dang cute! I'm proud of him for being able to remember so much! He repeats it the exact same way each time!

I gave the lesson in RS today and wasn't nervous about that so much as the fact that I played piano and sang at the same time. "Gentle", by Michael McLean. One of my all time favorites. I was a little emotional during it, and a whole lotta nervous, but I think it brought a special spirit into the room. It was very 'MTV Unplugged' if you know what I mean! I was just proud of myself for trying something so daring.

I think that's all for now...Have a great week, everybody!


LIZZEE said...

All great news.. Hopefully carpool most definetly it will also help one can study well the other drives i suppose.? Etc.. Thanks for the posting.. I just opened a new one I couldn't get my password etc from the bucket stuff.. I don't know what the hec was going on.I'm hoping in a couple weeks to get some more done.. It felt good to get to use my stuff... I'll email ya if I get stuck again.. Have a good week I have to pay for my time off by working most of the wek ugh.. can't wait till I can quit there and go somewhere else..they are unreal with their demands.. and going public is consuming everyone..

Christine said...

WooHoo for your honey! The time will fly by and they it will be all behind you guys! And I wanted to say thank you for your lesson and song on Sunday. I loved the testimony you shared with the song it was beautiful and the spirit was very strong in the room. I'm so glad you've come into my life :-)

Anonymous said...

Amie you are brave to do any of that in RS. When I had to teach I almost cried the whole time because I was so nervous. Take care. Tammi