Tuesday, May 8, 2007

staying up way too late...

I got a lot done yesterday again! I decided I'd continue on using all my scraps to make cards--a very good idea I got from the KT website. So I would do a chore, then make a card, do a chore, make a card, etc. I got so much accomplished!

This first layout is something a little wild and crazy for me, but I saw it in Elsie's book and wanted to try it. Challenge number 38 I think, if you want to check it out. "10 Favorite Things We Love About Saturdays"

Then this card, I made for a Solider Card project we're doing on the website as well...just making a nice card to send overseas to the troops to thank them for their service. I'm doing two and here is the first one.

Then the rest of these are just lil' guys I made out of my scraps. I was pleased with how much I could do with so few supplies and in such a short amount of time. Some of them literally took me like 10-15 minutes. I also made a second Mother's Day card that I'll be sending to my mom, but she reads this blog so I can't post it yet, hee hee!

***Don't forget to comment and vote for your favorite layout on my May 6th post down below! I'll put your names into a drawing and the winner will get a little gifty from me!


LIZZEE said...

Amie you were smoking chick cool..You got a lot done.. You did great on the cards.. They are all wonderful. You dont' give yourself enough credit.. They are all great.

Anonymous said...

DANG you did get alot done! Love all the cards. GREAT layout too. SO FUN! Tammi

delfina said...

Lots of great card Amie and very good way to get rid of scraps.