Saturday, May 19, 2007

i need your help!

I know this is last minute, folks, but I'm entering my favorite scrapbook layouts into a talent expo at my church this evening, and I need help picking out some favorites! I'm not sure how many, maybe 5-10? I'm definitely taking "Still the One", but if you wouldn't mind, please click on my Scrap Gallery to the right and do some looky-seeing and leave me a comment with a few of your favorites. Thanks so much and as always, thanks for looking!


Casey Lu said...

Alrighty Amie, I did my picking and let me tell you it was hard! But, I think I picked some really good ones! So here goes:

Sean, Lets Eat (2pgr w/flowers), Boys will be Boys, Sweetie Pie, Mwahh!, Tootsies, Golf and Stuff,Creative Minds, Ho Ho Ho, Bath, and finally 10 Harmless Things. I also think you should take your card that you scraplifted with your Mwahh page( ya know the one with the sewed heart). Hope you have a great night!

Tim and Shawnie said...

Hey Amie, you are making this a little hard, seeing how you have been quite the scrapper lately. Dang... Here are my favs
1. Wet n' Wild
2. boys will be boys
3. Mwahh...
4. Tootsie (I will be scraplifting that one)
5. Our Clan
6. Creative mind (Total Favorite)
7. My Sean is...

April Hall said... did it go??? :)

LIZZEE said...

popcorn fiend
I didn't see the your still the one.?

LIZZEE said...

dah i found it.. right there.
Still the one is a lift for me