Thursday, May 31, 2007

preschool, teeth, and dollar bills

How coincidental that today was Cameron's last day of preschool and the next pictures in line to scrap were pics of his first day of preschool.

Sean lost his second tooth yesterday so here are some cute pictures from that. I, err, the tooth fairy actually forgot to leave $1 under his pillow, so Danny called me early this morning to remind me. I looked around the house for a dollar bill and finally found one and quickly stuck it under his pillow. Sean carried it around with him for the next half an hour as he was getting ready for school. All of a sudden he said, "Hey! This is two dollars!! I got one dollar for my first tooth and now two dollars for my second tooth! For my third tooth I'll get three dollars!" OY!! I guess in my haste I hadn't realized that the two were stuck together. What to do now? Do we continue this on (cha-ching, cha-ching!!) or just go back to the one dollar the next time he looses a tooth? Ack!


LIZZEE said...

I remember the toothfairy I loved getting that money$$$.. hey they only young once keep it going. I use to mail to my godson from the toothfairy for thelongest time he thought that he got extra for taking good care of his teeth it was priceless.

Amie said...

I love the preschool LO, love the notebook paper. I can't wait to be the tooth fairy!!

I will try and do the tag, I am not that good at coming up with things about myself.

Have a good weekend