Friday, May 25, 2007


Thanks so much for all your kind comments on my last post! How fun! I feel like I have fans, lol!

You should have seen my house over the last 24 hours...we're getting ready to go camping for 4 days/3 nights and it seems like clothes were everywhere, dishes, boxes,'s just nuts planning. We have a lot of stuff and since dear hubster likes to take our lil' fishin' boat, we take two cars. So the only bummer about that is we have to drive separately. Well, he took Cameron, the truck, and the boat up this morning and I'm left to wait for Sean to come home and the daycare dearies to go home, then we'll follow. Going up to Blue Ridge Reservoir; so excited about that!

Fortunately, DH (how funny, I just realized that the universal abbreviation for Dear Husband is also the initials of my own husband, lol!) packed up 95% of it on his own this time and just left me with the cooler and my own personal bag to worry about. So nice. So actually, though it's been rather messy and chaotic, just about everything is completely packed and when it's time to go, we'll be able to do so quickly. I just want to make sure the house is tidy before we leave. I hate coming back to a disaster zone.

Also trying to figure out if I should shower today...went to yoga this morning (thanks, Petra!) and so I'm already 'blah' but I'm about to go live and breath and cook and eat and poo in the woods, so does it really matter if I'm clean to start out with? I probably will once things settle down around here and kids are sleeping. It just seems off-point to go worry about getting clean, lol!

May has flown by, does anyone agree?? Yikes, this week has been busy. Just last night for example, I went to a HS graduation (whoo hoo Alan!!) for my brother-in-law, a baby shower, and Girls Night Out to Village Inn which is always a blast. The conversations stream from one wild thing to another and I didn't get home until 11. Love it! We already have several things planned for next week too...just whirlwind I tell ya!

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone, and don't forget to remember those known and unknown soldiers out there. They need our support, love, thoughts, and prayers. Thanks so much to them for their sacrifice!


Mrs. Matkin said...

Wow! Just when I thought we could pack up a couple of things and join you this weekend... looking at all that made me want to be lazy instead. :) Camping is so much work... but totally worth it. I've got the camping bug now. I really want to go. Although, I think our tent was near demolished at the Fathers & Sons Outing... and I'm not in a hurry to go buy a new one. Hmm. That throws a wrench in our plans, doesn't it?!

The Bluths said...

Someday we will get some camping stuff, but in the meantime, we've only gone when we borrowed things (for Ward camp out and the father/son) you guys seem to go a lot, and I agree with coming home to a messy house, that is no fun.

April Hall said...

Welcome back Amie! How was the camping trip? Have you gotten your cards back from Cristen yet?

LIZZEE said...

All over I'm bombarded with work right now. I haven't been able to spend as much time.. I have an 8 x 8 that I have made progress a card trade done and gonna work next weekend on layout's I'll be posting. working on a recipe trade as well.
Hey I seen you were hilite at nook cool they are very nice ladies. I've seen so much lately it's all I think about trying this and that.
I am still around just crazy with work , home , trying to make myself scrap more
Thanks for checking on me I'm still around =-)

LIZZEE said...

P.s. can't wait to see the baby shower page. I read that on the nook I know how to post to the gallery I have to figure out the thread.when i figure it out I'll let you know was gonna post some more on there probably this weekend.?