Friday, June 22, 2007

back to the e.r.

So, everyone has been healing up rather nicely and we thought most of the drama was behind us, but no. We can't do anything the easy way, can we??

Last night after the kids' first baths in probably a week (it just hasn't been a priority, you know?) I put the kids down at about 9:30. At 9:45 I heard Ethan crying. So I went in to check on him. I didn't turn the light on, but found him at the foot of his bed so I just quickly put him back up near his pillow, told him to go to sleep and then I quickly started getting their clothes ready for the morning. As I did so, Danny came in to see what the fuss was about and after a couple of seconds says, "He's bleeding." Clothes dropped, lights on, and sure enough, blood.




It was everywhere! All over his face and arms and legs and clothes and bedsheets and pillow and hair and yikes, panic attack. Somehow, his dermabonded wound had broken it's seal and was bleeding.

Then Sean starts saying, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" so we know he was the cause of this latest disaster...says he hit him as they were wrestling. We took Ethan out to try to clean him up and already, I'm readying us for the emergency room. After all the blood was cleaned up, it didn't look too bad, but like I said, this was a pretty big head wound a week ago and I certainly wanted it stitched up again or dermabonded or something so he doesn't have a big ol' scar as he grows up. (Danny says 'too late' for that...)

So I asked Sean what he hit him with.

"My foot." he says.

"You kicked him?!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Then of course we go into the whole deal about never kicking anyone, certainly not in the head, certainly not a little 3 yr old and especially not one who just had stitches!! OY!!!!

So back to the E.R. we went. Third time in the past four weeks or something like that. They checked him over quickly, poked at the dermabond a bit, and just said it would clot on it's own. I already had a follow up scheduled for today (Friday) with the Pediatrician, so we were in and out pretty quickly.

Incidentally, this is the same young cute E.R. doctor who worked on Sean's eye 3 weeks ago and my hoo-ha a few months ago when I had my cyst drained. Lovely. Can't wait to see him again. So embarassing.

Anyway, Ethan's doing just fine, but his wound is a bloody mess now and it actually keeps bleeding so I hope the Pediatrician will do something to it today at our afternoon appt.

Never a dull moment.

Here's Cameron's latest mug shot.


Delfina said...

Wow, what a big scare. Glad everything is a lot better and there getting back to them selves of being boys.

Scrap_N_Angel said...

Boys being boys, it's so scary. Sounds like something my guys would do. I'm always cringing my teeth when I see them play rough, and I would be a mess with all that you are dealing with and the wounds that are trying to heal. Blood makes everything seem so much more scary too. Sounds like they're glad to be back together though. Lot's of Kisses for Ethan baby.

Heidi said...

ow-ah! Although I'm ROFL at the thought of what people would think if you took that pair to the grocery story with ya!

How did the appt go?

Amie said...

Did you run over a china-man??

Hope things get better soon....

Hugggsss xx

Christine said...

Hehehe I was in the ER Thursday night too. We probably passed each other. Woke up having a major asthma eposide as they call them in the ER now. Poor DJ had to take me in at midnight, they released me at 3am and he had to leave for work at 6:30am. Like you said, never a dull moment.