Saturday, June 23, 2007

back to the e.r...again!!

Let's detail this week briefly, shall we?

Friday through Tuesday, we're in the hospital.

Wednesday, we enjoy a nice relaxing (allbeit emotional) day at home.

Thursday, we have one doctor's appt and a trip to the emergency room.

Friday, we have two doctor's appts.

Saturday, we make another trip to the emergency room.

Will this ever stop? Yikes!! Today, everyone was looking good, feeling good...I even made the comment that both boys looked so much better, that within a week, you'd never know anything had even happened. So I took numbers 1 and 2 to Burger King for some play time while Dan and Ethan hung out at home with the Home Depot fix-it guys who were installing our french doors. =) Pictures below. So Cameron happily goes into the BK playland and comes out quite unhappily! Crying and crying and somehow, he has injured his face/cheek/eye, something. Immediately, he swelled (swole?) right back up and was pretty much inconsolable. So, we packaged up our BK food, tray and all and left for home. Cameron was almost beside himself in pain!

We get home, get him an ice pack and some medicine and then the blood starts. Oh the blood! What is it about head wounds that there is just SO DANG MUCH blood?! And we couldn't figure if he'd ripped his stitches out or off go Danny and Cameron back to Del Webb. I wanted to call 911, but Danny said he could handle it.

Meanwhile, the very good (yet slightly odd) installation guys finished up our door (it looks marvelous!) and I got on the phone with someone in the ward who could take the boys for a couple of hours so I could be with Cameron at the hospital (thanks, Holli!). At this point, we weren't sure if they'd even take him or if he'd be transferred back to St. Joe's or what...our surgeon is in Cancun for two weeks. Lucky guy. Anyway, door got done, boys got dropped off, and I made my third appearance into the Del Webb Emergency room in the past four weeks.

The doctors did a cat scan on Cameron to make sure there was no bleeding behind the eye, and to make a long story short, he is fine. They didn't even touch his stitches. However, he is quite a mess and swollen and icky looking again! I think we will need to keep him home and safe(er) for the next couple of weeks...him and Ethan both. OY am I tired!! I'm pretty sick of the whole thing about now! I just want them to get better!

OK, our door...notice our white trash backyard?? Our trampoline mat ripped about a month ago and we just haven't done anything about getting a replacement yet. We will. Some day.


Christine said...

Amie! Oh my gosh your family is quickly giving me a run for my money in the ER departmet. Oy! The doors look amazing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the doors! I hope everybody gets better soon! Tammi

Delfina said...

My heart goes out to you guys. You all have been through so much. Poor little guy. Glad everything is alright and nothing major.

Love the new doors. They look good!

Amie said...

The doors look amazing no wonder your happy with them.

I hope Cameron gets/feels better very soon.

Scrap_N_Angel said...

Love those doors! What a great choice. Total bummer though that you ended up in ER again. Better safe than sorry.

Becca said...

Hi! wow glad things went ok at the ER. Those doors are stunning. What a change.

tif-do said...

Super change in the doors. I've always preferred, well just about anything over sliding glass. LOOKS SUPER! I sure hope you get a break from the old ER soon, and everyone gets back to 100%

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey there,

Thanks for dropping by -- and I sure hope this next week isn't anything like you've had lately.

The Bluths said...

ooo those doors are fantastic. They make that room look great!

leaner said...

So jealous of the doors! We are going to put one of those lovely french doors in someday, and get rid of the sliding glass, ahhh I can't wait!