Monday, June 4, 2007

joann's gift certificate

Hello all crafters out there, go to this site and be entered into a $25 Joann's gift certificate giveaway. (And if you link her blog back to yours, you get 5 entries into her drawing!) ;)


Mrs. Matkin said...

Not like 'Pirates'!!?? FO SHAME!!! Of course we liked it! We LOVED it! We discussed it the whole way home! It was totally worth the late night, long movie, near bladder eruption, Lillian tag-along! And we'd love to come to dinner! Thanks for asking us! Shawn has Wednesday off this week. I'll have to check with him, but I'll definitely get back to you ASAP.

Christine said...

Hey there girl. Looks like I'm a free woman on Friday night as DJ is working a closing shift. Can you give me the low down on the crop and what we need to bring? Oh and couldn't help noticing Natalie's post, yeah Pirates was great, dark and twisty and I loved all of it! We just rewatched 2 since now we know so much more about the story and WOW there sure was a lot of forshadowing that I had missed.