Friday, June 29, 2007

the bad, the good, and the car settlement

So I found out from my doc a couple of days ago that I may have a fractured sternum; went in yesterday morning (loaded all the kids up, took them to a babysitter, drove 45 minutes, waited 45 minutes, got in, you know the drill) got a specific sternum X-ray, and found out that yes indeedy, I'm broken.

I've been really sore since the accident, but I had a chest Xray at the ER the night of so I thought it must just be muscle doc says that unless you're looking for a sternum fracture, the chest Xrays don't always catch it. Lovely. I just thought my chest was taking an awful long time to heal!.

Anyhoo, not sure what that means, other than I have to take it easy, no lifting, pushing, pulling, clapping, whatever. (wonder if I can get out of doing daycare, laundry, mopping...hmm, the possibilities are endless regarding my nocandos!)

And then, the same afternoon, Cameron had a follow-up appt with his trauma doctor, so we loaded all the kids up, took #s 1 and 3 to the babysitter, drove 45 minutes, and COULD NOT FIND THE DANG PLACE!! Meanwhile, my appt time comes and goes, my fuel light comes on in my car ($60 to fill, thankyou very much), I don't have the doc's number, and there's nothing that Information could do for me either. I just started driving, said I QUIT and drove home to get my boys. What a total waste of 3 hours and a sitter. I'm so annoyed!!! <------------at myself for not writing the address down correctly, calling for directions, taking the phone number, etc etc etc. (I came home and double checked to find out I totally had the wrong street--it was on Thomas, not Thunderbird!)

So yeah, pretty a pretty stinky-feel-sorry-for-myself-can-I-just-go-to-bed-now-do-we-have-any-really-good-feelgood-pills-in-this-house? all around icky day. That is why my hubby prodded me out the door to go to Ladies Night Out at Macayo's with gals from my ward. Healing for my soul...and my stomach! Yum! Definitely the highlight of the day. Oh, that and the fact that we got a settlement just for our car only, and they're offering about $2,000 over kellybluebook which is both surprising and wonderful. So tomorrow, we're going car shopping.

Now I need your help here: what are your favorite vehicles? Both 5 seater and 7 seater. We're not sure we want to go the van route again, but SUVs are gas hogs and cars are just too small for all my daycare dearies. I'm leaning towards another MPV but we're considering an Altima sedan, a Honda CR-V or Pilot, or such if we're to go UP or DOWN in size. Your thoughts?


Casey Lu said...

I would go with the Pilot!

Mrs. Matkin said...

I'm SO GLAD you're getting a little more for your car. (I love the gas mileage we get from our Mazda. Ours is a Mazda 5, but they also have a little bigger one. Love the automatic start in the summer and it's not that expensive, so if you could pocket some of that cash, wouldn't that be great?!) They'd better help you out with "pain and suffering". Is your insurance company getting that for you? If not, I used to work for attorneys that did that kind of defense. I could refer you to someone! Seriously, they need to pay out for all the crap you're going through. Hope you're feeling better! So glad you came last night!

The Bluths said...

Ok here goes... we just bought a new car to replace Ethan's truck because his jobsite changed to Laveen and his truck got 19 mpg, not great. We just bought a Jeep Patriot ( It is great! 5 seater and gets 30mpg! Plus it is brand new and our car payments went down $2 and our car insurance will go down because it is more to insure a truck for some reason. I don't know if you would be interested in that, but we love it so far. (And my Mazda 3 had been great as well, they are good cars.)

Christine said...

Personally love, love, love the Saturn Vue for a 5 seater. Great gas miliage. Big enough but not too big and has all the standard features you need (including on star which you could have given them the DR's name and they could give you directions. We've used it while lost in Mesa twice such a life saver). They have a new SUV too which we haven't driven yet but have seen and it looks very nice. Best part about the Saturn, the price is the price no having to bargin, for me a huge plus! Glad you know why you're hurting now you can focus on healing. Girls night sounds like it helped :-) You still going tomorrow to KT?

Amy said...

Congrats on getting more for your car than you expected! That's never bad news! As far as cars go, I had a CR-V and I loved it... unless I had to drive up a canyon (Hello, I live in salt lake city, I have to go up canyons!), but it was a GREAT car!

However my dear friend just traded in her Volvo XC-90 (My current dream car) for something that would still seat her family but didn't require Premium gas... after checking out just about everything she picked the GMC Acadia. (This is from the girl who had an M-class.... so I was really shocked that is what her pick was). She LOVES it. It's a crossover between the SUV and car, get's pretty good gas mileage (for the size), doesn't require premium gas, and seats her whole crew.

I would check it out!

Good luck with the car shopping!

Anonymous said...

That's great news about your settlement for the car. I would look into Saturn Vue's or try looking at the Chevrolet Trailer Blazers.


Shanna said...

I hope you get to feeling 100% soon Amie! That just stinks! I LOVVVVVVE our 2007 Nissan Pathfinder!!! It seats 7 and it's pretty good on gas! Good luck!

LIZZEE said...

Wow Amie take care of yourself. Take one day at a time. glad to see also the boys are recouping. Well I think either the Nissan or Honda both cars should last a while I had two people swear by their pathfinder and had them for a long while and then the Honda Pilot I've heard nothing but good things when soemone has them But you'll have to test drive and see what's works the best for your space Good luck can't wait to see what you come up with.