Thursday, July 5, 2007

all three

As of yesterday, all three of my boys have:

* flushed something down the toilet that clogged it so badly we had to take the toilet literally out in order to find the mysterious blockage. With Sean, it was a pair of underwear. With Cameron, it was a toothbrush. With Ethan now, it's his ace head bandage. All three at three years old. All the same toilet in the same house. All SO GROSS!!!

* jumped or fell into a lake or pool, requiring one of us to jump in with all our clothing on, to save said drowning child. With Sean, it was summer pool fun at the Ellsberry's and Danny jumped in to save him--ruined his pager that was in his pocket. With Cameron, it was just last month when we went camping--we were on the side of the reservoir throwing rocks in the lake and Cam lost his footing and fell in. I jumped in with all my clothes on to save him. I was miserably cold and wet the next hour and a half. With Ethan, it was just last night at Great Grandma Anderson's home. We were all getting out of the pool (I actually had never gone in, so I was completely dry and in my regular clothes) and we took Ethan's life jacket off to get him dressed. He immediately jumped back in the deep end of the pool and went under! Even though there were other swimmers nearby, it was a knee-jerk reaction and I jumped in to save him. OY! My heart was going pretty good for the next half an hour!

Here's the three layouts I did this afternoon while the kids were sleeping and otherwise indisposed:


kanga5 said...

Wow! So much action in so little time! :) My DH was looking through my blog list the other night and saw your accident pictures. Yikes! He said. Yeah me too. You've experienced an awful lot these past months. I hope you have some smoother sailing for a bit. :) Thanks for posting with me- it's nice to get the comments. :)

Delfina said...

Those are some great Lo. Love the one you did of your self. Very pretty.

The Goofy Gardner's! said...

Boys, boys, boys!! You've gotta love 'em!! - - - - All you can do is smile and have fun!!!

Christine said...

WOW I love your hair dark! You and Danny look so at home in the 3rd LO in front of the Tempel 'smile'. I'm coming to KT even if it's only for a couple of hours! Can't wait.

Nancy Grant said...

YOU are the SUPER MOM!

Scrap_N_Angel said...

I love your layouts you posted. I'm glad you had a good time Friday night. I fell asleep waiting for dh to get home.

LOL, reading this post makes me think of my boys antics. It's fun being the mom of boys isn't it? I don't know if you've seen it yet, but check out my "sibling rivalry" pic in my dark room. It's something along these lines. Anything I can do to turn their latest mishief into something to laugh at, the better off I am.