Monday, July 23, 2007


I made these quite quickly tonight when I remembered at the last minute that I had a cardswap and 10 cards due tomorrow! Fortunately, someone had just RAKed me these lovely embossed pieces of cardstock in various colors, so those made a perfect background. I didn't even have to trim any of them. A punch, a stamp, a brad and some popdots and we were done. Good stuff. I just got that large flower punch at Keepsake Trends last Friday and I love it. On that note, my beloved scrapbook store has closed--Saturday was their last day--and I'm very saddened to see them have to shut their doors. Just not making a profit. =(

We got the best rainstorm tonight...must have been at least an inch or two, and as far as I know, that's our first measurable rain here in town in months and months. It POURED! And wouldn't you know it, it happened while I was out running an errand with Ethan. We got completely soaked, but he thought it was great fun and we found out the windshield wipers in our van definitely work. ;)

Cameron's basketball game was tonight and although he played the entire first half and about half of the second, he really proves he knows nothing about basketball! He's just in his own little world, never really caring where the ball is...he just concentrates enough to know when to run down to the other side of the court, then he just kinda hangs out till it's time to run down the opposite way. He did get into a little floor tussel over the ball at one point and came out the victor, and then during the last 30 seconds he secured the ball and passed to a teammate it once the other team had lost it...and those were his two whole incidents of touching the basketball this game. He earns great cheers from the crowd. He's so funny!

Tonight for Family Home Evening we delved more into the Scripture of the Month "If ye love Me, keep My commandments"--it's such a great one for the kids, they can all say it, even Ethan. We related the story of Nephi building the boat when commanded, even though he didn't have the know-how or the tools. He just knew he was commanded to do so and that Heavenly Father would help him complete the task. Great message! Afterwards, we played Kid Cadoo, once of Sean's birthday presents from Grandma. What a fun game, just perfect for his age. It was a late night due to basketball and FHE and even though the kids went to bed almost an hour past their bedtime, they'll still be up between 6:30 and 7, so I'd best call it a night.


LIZZEE said...

Fun Cards

The Bluths said...

Keepsake trends had closed? Darn, I wanted to take them some samples!

Casey Lu said...

Beautiful cards Amie!!! Love the embossed paper!!! Great job! Keep the cards and layouts coming!!!

Scrap_N_Angel said...

what a nice touch the embossed paper makes. Here's a fun tip I like to do with embossed, sand it with a nail file or buffer if it has a white background on a layout and the embossing will stand out really cool! Great cards.