Friday, July 27, 2007

dip. sip. say ahhhh.

That's the slogan for these cutie patootie "sipahh straws" that my kids have fallen in love with. These are basically a straw filled with microbeaded cocoa that you stick in your cup of regular milk and make it chocolate milk without the muss and fuss. They're not too badly priced--at my wal-mart for example they come in a package of 4/88cents. I believe they come in several flavors too, including banana and strawberry and more depending on where you live. Go here to see a better picture/explanation of what they are.

My kids get them as rewards occasionally for finishing up their lunch plates or whatever. Personally, I don't think they taste anywhere near as good as an good old fashioned cup of chocolate milk, but they love them.


The Bluths said...

Those look awesome. I bet Logan would like them, heck, I bet I would like them! :)

The Bluths said...

So where at Walmart are they? Or is it Walgreens?