Monday, July 23, 2007

sean's birthday

My big boy had his birthday party this weekend...EIGHT! So hard to believe. I remember so many of the details of my pregnancy with him, because it was my first. I remember being so swollen the last three months with edema that you could leave an imprint of your thumb in my ankles! It was gross! I could only wear one pair of shoes, extra wide cotton tennis shoes without laces, and I got SO sick of my maternity clothing, just because I didn't have a lot. He was by far my hardest pregnancy (again, I guess because he was my first) but at the time, I thought I had it pretty easy. Only a couple of weeks of morning sickness. I snored pretty badly--Danny audiotaped it and embarassed the heck out of me...but I was swollen! Everywhere, even my nostril cavities, lol! I got heartburn really badly at the end, especially from lemonade (which I loved). My craving was potato salad. I ate it twice a day while at work downtown in the capitol building--I even asked the cafeteria if I could have their recipe because I loved it so so so much. They admitted it was just Costco potato salad. Yummy stuff!

He was four days late, due on the 13th but not born until the 17th. In fact, he was to be induced on that day, and my water happened to break on it's own as well, so by the time we went in to our scheduled inducement, I was already having contractions. I was put on Demerol I think? And Pitocin? You may have to correct me on that, but I think one is for the pain "to take the edge off" I believe they said, and the other is to encouage contractions. One of them totally put me out of it, the Demerol, I think. I started to pass out or fall asleep (not sure?) just when they started to lose the baby's heart beat. Things went into little emergency mode at that point and I was rushed off for a C-section. They said I was just too little to push this big baby out!

I don't remember much of it--I was pretty much in a fog. And that's the saddest part about it all. I have a picture of me touching and looking at Sean right after he was born, but I don't remember it, I have no emotions of it. I cried afterwards because I couldn't remember. He was fine though, big healthy baby at 9 lbs 7 oz. He was very strong right from the start. (These are pictures OF pictures, sorry about the fuzziness and bad quality.)

And now he's a big smart eight year old! He got a discman/CDplayer from one of his grandma's for his birthday and now he can be seen riding around on his heelies with his headphones on. So very grown up. *tear*

I love you Sean!


Mrs. Matkin said...

YEEEEOUCH!!! That's a big baby! I love labor day tales! I had pre-eclampsia with both, but I never swelled. It does NOT sound like fun! I love your big belly! So cute! Few can pull that off! :)

leaner said...

You look so cute preggo!

Your story sounds rather traumatic. Did you remember seeing the others right away?

I snored and could hardly breath w/ Rhayn, but w/Gwen was fine.

Yes, Demerol is for pain, Pitocin gives contractions.

LIZZEE said...

I some how missed this.. time flies. big boy.. but handsome