Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8 things about my marriage

My friend Amber posted this on her site recently and I loved the idea. So now you get it too! I'd originally planned on tagging specific people, but there's so many of you that I'd love to hear responses from...so, I want all of you to try this! (I'm not sure if the '8' is supposed to represent how many years you've been married, I'm at 9.5 but let's just go with 8, shall we?)

Eight Things about My Marriage

1. Where did you meet your husband?
Technically I met him at church but it was basically through a mutual friend, Casey. A group of us in singles ward got together for scriptures and game nights every Sunday and he is the reason we were at the same function at the same time.

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?
OK, this is really embarassing, and I just know it's going to ruin ya'll's vision that Miss Amie is a perfect little Mormon girl, but here it is. I used to have a tongue bar. Well I did, and I loved it! And I had it in at the time and Danny noticed it and said, (I'm not kiddin' here), "I've never kissed a girl with a tongue bar before." To which I said, "Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that." I kid you not! Naughty!! I think he was smitten by me from that point on!

3. Where was your first kiss? First date?
Our first date was supposed to have been the State Fair in 97, but it ended up raining that day, so we rented a movie "Fools Rush In" and snuggled on the couch to watch it. We ended up kissing during that movie if I remember right. I've always had a soft spot for that movie since, but can you believe--I've never seen it again since then! We should rent that and make an evening of it. *wink* Our first actual date out of the house was the next night at the State Fair, and each year we try to go back, one with kids, the next year without the kids. So fun! (I love the fair, the carnies, the food, the rides, the shows, especially the fry bread!)

4. Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
SHORT! And thank heavens, it was hard enough as it was if you know what I mean. We met in August, started dating in October, got engaged in December, and were married by February.

5. Where did you get engaged?
I had picked out the ring, so I knew it was coming, but I figured it would be a Christmas present type of thing, so when he proposed on Dec. 16th I was pleasantly shocked. It was at Phoenix North Mountain Park, over KFC and sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses. He's recreated that moment twice now and all three times I've gotten another ring. YES! (long story that I just typed out and deleted, if anyone wants to know the history of the 2nd and 3rd, I'll make a new post of that)

6. Where did you get married?
Mesa Temple in Arizona on February 13, 1998. We thought we were so cool getting married the day before Valentines' Day, but if we could go back in time, we'd change that. Everyone celebrates that weekend, so roses are expensive, hotels are never on sale, it is pretty much the peak cost-wise for so many things...we'd probably have delayed it until spring break if we were thinking clearly. Which we were not, see #4. ;)

7. How did the reception go?
I pretty much hated my reception, but thank heavens I don't remember much of it. First off, we were late because there was horrible construction on the freeway. Second, we went through bouts of too many people being in charge, and then no one being in charge, and it just didn't flow too smoothly. I was stressed out and several things went wrong, but in the end, as my mother-in-law told me, the only important thing is that we were getting married, and we needed to remember that and our love for each other and that was the only thing that mattered. Who cared if we ran out of twinkle lights? I remember things feeling better once we started dancing. I'm a sucker for the dance floor.

8. How was the honeymoon?
Yah, I agree with Amber, too personal! I will say that we stayed at the Phoenix Inn the first night, then our apt the second night, then we took off for Anaheim for three days where we went to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and saw Titanic. I LOVED that part of our honeymoon and like most people, I have a soft spot for Disneyland. We hope to go back there for our 10 yr anniversary in February without kids. How fun would that be?!

We've had a crazy 9.5 years. Lots to deal with including horrible car accidents, a coma, way too many air evacs, way too many job changes (for good and bad reasons) and so on. Our 20s were rocky, but we had wonderful things happen during that time too, namely, Sean, Cameron, and Ethan. And our home. And so many friendships that we've built. Already I think our 30s are proving to be better. We are the most important thing to each other and we make it a point to remind ourselves of that each day.

OK, so, I want to hear your stories! ALL OF YOU! Post away!


kanga5 said...

#6 made me laugh! We were the same about getting married on the 29th of December. AFTER Christmas but BEFORE New Years- we thought it would be ok, but really now it's not that great. But yeah- the whole waiting thing...
Thanks for sharing!!

Heidi said...

I would have NEVER guessed - tongue bar! wow! LOL!

LIZZEE said...

LOl.. I learn something new all the time Amie... I will answer this soon.. Great story.. about it I love romantic things.. I guess..

Toni said...

Is a tongue bar a tongue piercing?
I totally would have never guessed that. Yaaay Disneyland! That's where Brent and I went also.

leaner said...

OK, I did mine, but really PLEASE don't think less of me for it! LOL. I made plenty of mistakes along my path. I had a tongue bar, too. I adored it, and miss it. I actually shoved the bar back in a few years ago, and got the whole swollen tongue thing again, but had to take it out for my job and teeth. Sigh.

heather said...

what the heck is a tongue bar? Am I really that old.

Jaime said...
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Jaime said...

Your gonna have to elaborate on the tongue bar for me too?...

Becca said...

Loved reading this!! I did this on my blog too.