Friday, August 31, 2007

happy friday

So I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with my guitar--I was tuning it wrong, lol! I forgot there's a trick...found out what I was doing wrong on the internet and since then, gravy, baby.

I practiced for three hours off and on yesterday and now my left index finger has been numb since 6p last night. I might have overdone it. *giggle* But I can almost play a song now! I'm working on Enrique Iglesias' "Somebody's Me" because it's Danny's favorite.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying it!

For anyone concerned, I finally bought dish detergent last night. Yay, no more hand washing. That got real old real fast. I'm soooo lazy.

Also for anyone wondering, an update on our "30 Days to a new trampoline--we read and pray every day" exercise. We were doing so good, got up to like day 19 or something and then just completely forgot last Friday night. The kids had a movie night in the living room and it just slipped our mind to read scriptures and say prayer. So we had to start over. Last night was Day 6. We'll keep on truckin'.

And for diet interests, I'm down 11 pounds since school started. I'm suprised because this week I ate a lot of ice cream (in my defense, it was really yummy so I kept telling myself I had to get rid of it so I could go back on my diet and it wouldn't tempt me any more) but maintained my 11 pounds anyway.

Tonight I am hosting a fun little scrapbooking night and there will be lots of goodies. I'm thinking of starving myself all day so I can eat junk food tonight! It's worth it to be able to eat Crunch n' Munch, don't you think? Hopefully I'll have some scrappy pictures to post tomorrow because I've been out of the zone for a week or two and haven't done any scrapping.

I won a free photo shoot with Christine over on her blog!! I am sooooo stinkin' excited! This is by far the coolest thing I've ever won. Very excited and nervous. We'll do it in October, so I have two months to lose more weight and look hot!

Have a good three day weekend, all!


Kendra said...

Amie, congrats on your weight loss! What is your secret? I'm having a really hard time getting motivated. You'll have to video your first guitar cancert and post it on your blog so we can all enjoy your talent!

Jaime said...

Good job on your weight loss, I can't seem to stay away from the desserts!! Let me in on tour secret!

LIZZEE said...

Amie you are always so focused good for you...
cute little guitar

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Don't think I am going to make it tonight, my hubby just got home and wants me to spend some time with him since I worked late last night. PLEASE, let me know when you guys have another one and I will PLAN on being there! Thanks for the invite though. :)

Anonymous said...

Amie....just logged onto the computer after not spending much time here lately.....I just have to say "I am sure glad you didn't die in that car accident" because you simply AMAZE me! You are so talented and I happen to think you are one of the COOLEST mother's out there! I Bon Jovi's MAKE A MEMORY of my faves. Miss you!
Can't wait for the guitar solo's on the intranet too. Love ya