Monday, August 13, 2007



Can you hear it?

Can you hear the silence?

The deliciously yummy quietness spread throughout my house?

Today is the first day of school.


Last night as I was packing three lunches (for Danny and the boys) I couldn't help but start whistling that Christmas song from the Office Depot or Staples commercial (I forget which) that has the mom joyfully pushing a shopping cart picking up school supplies as her depressed children follow her glumly..."It's the most...wonderful....time.... of the year!" Ahh yes...back to school time!

I just have to say, here and now, we had a mighty crappy summer.

Now it was interlaced here and there with high points (Sean's birthday and baptism, some fun scrapbooking crops, a nice weekend visit from family out of state), and some great book and movie releases, but for the most part, it sucked. We didn't go anywhere, not even camping, not even to the temple. Danny was completely stressed out from school and constantly studying and worried. My children displayed the Opposite of Love at Home and needless to say, we had a nearly fatal car crash the one time we tried to get out for 48 hours of away-from-Phoenix time resulting in a week hospital stay and continuing follow up visits with several doctors. Yah, it both sucked and blowed.


Things are looking up.

Let me say with a huge sigh of relief that Danny will already finish his academic portion of the Paramedic Academy tomorrow. Tomorrow! He is in the accelerated summer program through his work, Southwest Ambulance, which started June 1st. It goes through until January, but the in-class part is pretty much finished tomorrow! He had his last big test (until mid-terms and his final and national test at the end of class) on Friday and did great. Whewwwwwww.....

Wednesday he starts his clinical rotation at all the different hospitals, and as he puts it, this is the fun part! Two months of that, I believe, and then two months more of on-the-job/ambulance work and then the final week of class and the National Test. Interspersed here and there are days when he has to come back to class for updates and stuff, but the actual hard part is over! I'm so glad we decided to do it this way, although it made for a tough summer. It flew, actually. I can't tell you how many times we said the phrase, "Wow, it's Friday already!"

Our computer crashed on Saturday; not sure why; we didn't lose much, just a few programs, but for the most part, everything was still on it when we used the Recover System option. Weird. A couple of things I've had to hunt down online and fix, like our Audio and Video, and as yet, we haven't been able to get our burning and ripping DVD software working right, (So Natalie, those movies will still be a while, sorry!) but we'll get it.

This weekend in a period of about 6-8 hours, I started and completed the first book of a series that I'm already in love with: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. (If you check that link and have problems, just keep trying; this author has been referred to as the next JK Rowling, so her website is very busy) I know a lot of you have heard about this already. Well, for you who haven't, brace yourself. It's a story about a human girl falling in love with a vampire and their forbidden love. Yes, I know, I had the same reaction. I couldn't believe it when my good wholesome LDS friend Dahlene told me about this new book that was all the rage; mostly because the author is Mormon and from Glendale here in town. But yes, it's a love story about 'vegetarian vampires' as they call themselves (they only hunt animals) but let me tell you, I *heart* this book! I read it and could not get it out of my mind as soon as I did. I'm now forcing Danny to listen to me read it out loud to him! Fortunately, the 2nd and 3rd books are already out, so I have them on reserve at the library. I can't wait to read the next book! I hear they're going to make a movie out of it too. That should be fun!

The boys had their last basketball games this weekend, so I have some final pictures to post about that. We have a month and a half off until Soccer starts. That should be fun, forcing Sean to start another new sport! At least we have six weeks to rest between!

Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference at church and it was so lovely to attend the adult session Sat. night with just my sweetie. We had our favorite babysitter over. Afterwards, although we would have loved to go out to eat or something, we just ran some errands because I am once again dieting (so far so good, one week and almost 8 quick pounds) just eating right, nothing crazy...

Last night we had FHE at Danny's mom's home; after we came home, we did a mad dash of baths, scriptures and prayers, getting clothes and lunches ready for the first day of school, and then we slowed down and Dan gave the boys Father's Blessings. I love that. I love that my boys sat reverently and (appeared to at least) listen intently to their Father's loving words inspired by the Spirit. They're gonna have a great year.

Cameron started Kindergarten today and no tears; all went well. Another mom was bawling by the door, so I went up to her, hugged her, and said it would get better. I admitted that I cried all day the first time Sean went to school. Her tears got me a bit weepy (imagine Relief Society, ladies!) but for her sake, not Cameron's. He's gonna do great.

Same for Sean; he's an old pro.

And now, the day is almost done and I will go pick them up from the bus stop in about 15 minutes.

Hard to believe that even though I still have 2 (sometimes 3, depending on daycare kids) children here, the difference it made and how quiet my home is! Ethan and my little Daycare Dearie play so well together, and my other Sitting Charge is still in a pretty good sleeping stage and takes great naps. And when she's awake, she's easy peasy lemon squeezy! I was considering taking on a couple more kids but holy toledo, this peace and quiet is niiiiiiiiice!


Just gonna revel in it for another 14 minutes.


**OK, so, postscript. Waited for the bus forever (it was about 20 minutes late, but no surprises there). What was surprising was the fact that only one of my children got off, not two. Poor Sean was near tears saying Cameron hadn't gotten on. Sigh. The bus system has been horrible for years. I was hoping this year would be different since the district had bought their own busses and hired their own drivers. Anyway, I figured he was waiting for me at the school (school had gotten out 35 minutes ago at this point!) so I drove back to the school and there he was in the office, surrounded by teachers.

"He's mine." I said calmly, probably a lot calmer than I should have sounded.

"Oh good...he got on the wrong bus."

Interesting. Not "I put him on the wrong bus" or "we made a mistake and sent him to the wrong bus", but "he got on the wrong bus." Not sure how that happened. I just chalked it up to a first day mistake and pray that tomorrow is better. Sean's teacher was one of the teachers surrounding the lone kindergartner waiting for his mother and she even said, "Sean was crying because his brother wasn't on the bus." And I thought, "didn't that wave any red flags for anybody??"

Anyway, I got him home safe and sound, but I'm still curious as to what exactly happened to Cam once he got on this mystery bus. Did the bus driver try to deliver him somewhere? He says the driver did, but that could just be a 5 yr old's wild story. He said, "They told me to get off the bus but I said that wasn't my house. I said, 'you passed it'" Not sure if Cameron would recognize the bus stop or not... scary.

Again, he's home safe and sound and let's knock on wood that tomorrow goes better.

Tonight we go to Ethan's school to meet his teacher. Wednesday morning he starts school (Wed/Fri mornings) and supposedly he's supposed to get on a bus too, but we'll see if one comes or not. I'm not holding my breath!


Christine said...

Ah nothing like a little scare to wrap up all that peace and quiet huh? I've been meaning to ask you where did you get your treadmill and do you like it? I may be in the market. This whole dragging my butt to the gym after a 14 hour day is not working out well.

Brian and Jessica said...

I must be a bad Mom.... I was so happy to send Maci off to school today! No tears from me!! I have a feeling when my baby goes to school and I'm left with no one that will be when the tears flow... and maybe then all the tears from all my kids will come! :)

kanga5 said...

Yikes! I'm glad he was there, back at the school when you got there. Poor little guy and big brother- neither of them probably knew what to do! I never had even thought of that scenerio. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomarrow. Congrats on quiet days of school. They are bliss. Take care,Tammi

Amie said...

Great post, great photos..... I hope tomorrow goes better for you with regards to the bus!!

tif-do said...

I'm actually reading Eclipse right now, well not right now obviously but in my free from the computer time. I hope your fall is full of fun, and a nice change from the summer of crap.

Becca said...

hi there. enjoyed this post! so much going on! A. Bummer summer, hope the fall treats you a little better. B. sorry about the bus...big nightmare!! you sound very calm. so right, surely not the kids fault! get it right teach! Um, yah, just read Twilight!! Totally shocked how good it was...also recommended to me by a fellow LDSer and one of my activity day girls. Gonna go reserve the next one too...My kids are all still home with me. No K until next year, sigh... looking forward to actually. have a good day!

Casey Lu said...

So sorry to hear that happened to Cameron! That would freak me out! Thankfully at my kids school it is in walking distance. I miss my kids when they are at school and I am home alone in an empty quiet house...yeah it is nice for a little while but then I get bored and miss them. Can't even scrap while they are is hard for me too because I don't have their giggles, or hear them talking to help inspire me as weird as it sounds. Hope today is better with the bus system!!!!

Mrs. Matkin said...

UGH! I forgot about the bus mess! I have a few nightmare stories, and I don't even have kids in school!!! So scary! Glad it worked out! The new school is one street away from our new house because I'm so freaked out about buses! I started to tear up when you talked about that poor mother. I would bawl too! I cry at Sam's birthdays, but not Lily's. Weird. I guess it's because he's my first. This was a bummer summer for you for sure! Except that we've had a little fun, right!?!! I've been looking forward to school starting so that croppin' can get going for everyone hot 'n heavy! Yea!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I read all three of Stephanie Meyers books in 1 weeks time, and I too LOVE them. I am impressed that your reading it to Danny, when I mention "Edwards" name to TJ he can't believe that I'm so enthralled with a vampire.
Jaime P

AnnMarie said...

You know, when we found out that we lived too close to Ashton Ranch for Porter to ride the bus I was kind of relieved. I love that Sean was completely crying because his brother didn't get on the bus. They must love each other! So sweet. Still my stomach turned hearing your story. I'm sure he decided to get on the wrong bus. It would be so refreshing if they would just admit they made a mistake. I think I could take that better. I never cried when Porter started school, mostly because I had a migrane that entire day. I actually wish Campbell could start this year, but with an October birthday it will be two more years! School doesn't start here until after labor day so I have a few more weeks of summer insanity.

AzKisses said...

Your boys are so stinkin cute.. Love the back to school pictures.

The Bluths said...

I have heard so much about that Twilight book. So many girls in my ward are reading that series. I guess I should start. It would get me away from the TV.

carrie said...

Yes I totally enjoyed the silence, but it was a bit weird not having the kids here. And I have been sick all week. I have a sinus infection.
Blah!! But I feel tons better today now that I have been taking antibiotics. So Iam ready to scrap the night away tomarrow!! See yah there.

carrie said...

Oh and that was scarry about the bus thing. I would have freakrd out. One time when Noah was a pre-schooler he rode the bus. Well it never got home. I waited for 45min. I couldn't get the transit line. I was a mess. Finally it came, they had pulled over because a kid had told Noah that there was going to be a scarry man with a black mask at his door when he got home and he was going to kill him. Of course Noah freaked out and was screaming and terrified and didn't want to come home. It took them some time to calm down. He thought it was true and even I had a hard time that night convincing him it would never happen. Needless to say this info. came from a Four yr. old can you imagine?

leaner said...

As parents we are forced to put so much trust and faith in our school systems! I am appalled at how often we are let down. I think this is yet another reason my girls won't be going to the local public school!
Glad you found him, and good luck to you and your family.