Friday, August 17, 2007

that's very comforting

So I almost had a sweet and tender moment this evening with my 8 yr old, Sean. I had just gotten dinner ready and was putting the finishing touches on the meal (a tough one, TV Dinners!) when he says in all sincerity:

"Mom, I'm so glad you didn't die in that car accident."

I was surprised and touched, ready to just hug the heck out of him.

I said, "Ohhhh, thank you sweetie. What brought that on?"

His reply: "Because if you died in the car accident, all we'd have for dinner would be hot dogs and hamburgers."

Totally serious. So much for my value around here! I noogied his head.

Minutes later, I recounted the story to Danny.

I was pleased that he was appropriately shocked at the appropriate time, until after hearing the punch line he said, "Sean! What do you mean all you'd have is hot dogs...didn't you like the chicken fried steak I made last month?"

Yeah...thanks. My stock just shot sky high.

In other news, I've taken a sebatical from trying to fix my stupid blog background. I can't get it just right and it's driving me bonkers, so I'm going to have to find something else. I love the picture of Tom Welling (ol' CK himself) but for some reason, it doesn't like the format I've chosen. Will get to it one of these days.


LIZZEE said...

Ah..those are great moments what a sweetie

carrie said...

I love your new format it is wonderful. I also love the quote!!
You did a great job!!!

Tim and Shawnie said...

Your new space looks "purty." Looks line some PP I have in my stash. Nice job girlie...

April Hall said...

Aw.......gotta love those kiddo-s!!!!

Delfina said...

Love the new look.

Sean is cute. Kids always say the funnies things.

AzKisses said...

Like the new background...

What a sweet story.. Kids say the cutest things sometimes..

LIZZEE said...

She always has fun stuff