Friday, September 14, 2007

birthday goodies

I had such a great day yesterday; thanks to everyone who called and emailed and put posts in message boards and visited and gave gifts and well wishes. I got lots of surprises yesterday too! Always fun! Because I have a scrapper's and a blogger's mind, I took pics as the day progressed. Here's my loot:

First, the guitar that I got a week ago. I have since decided that I like my original full size one better (oy!) so I'll be selling this half-sized one. If anyone's interested, I'll have it up on Craig's List soon.

Next, my books of course, I posted about those yesterday. So excited about these.

My mother-in-law then stopped by with her homemade gift, a nice set of kitchen towels, etc to go with my Americana kitchen. Lots of work!

Then, a total an complete surprise from The Nook Girls from What an awesome surprise! A "Love, Elsie" kit. Way cool!

Soon after that I got a call from my other mother-in-law, who said I'd have to check my email to get her gift. It's a gift certificate to Deseret Book! Gonna be a tough decision deciding what to get there!

Then, from my daycare families, I got this stuff which will pay for/take care of our date tonight! Thanks guys!

And lots of rad cards, calls, and emails. Thanks everyone! Also, my parents had already sent me some nice moula to go scrappy/yard sale shopping with last weekend. Found some good stuff there.


Heidi said...

Yah, you look a little older to me! LOL! Sounds like a great day! Love the bootie! (That's pirate for "goods" - I'm sure you know that w/ boys, but I didn't want other people thinking I was looking at your other treasure! LOL!)

Natalie said...

whaaaaaaa! that's awesome! and hilarious about you and the guitar! sorry. grass is always greener... lol! shouldn't laugh at that! sorry. lol!!! however, i have it on good authority that you probably will have another "birthday bootie" post later. :) i love that heidi explained bootie. that was funny too! i'm just crackin' up over here! i need a nap. everything is funny right now. and now i'm rambling! great! shut up natalie!

Becca said...

great birthday bootie!!! happy birthday a day or two late!! your books lovely!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It looks like you got alot of lovin'! Have a GREAT one. Tammi

Britt DeMill said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great day! I enjoyed the pic. of you in front of your're a beauty!