Tuesday, September 25, 2007

obligatory boring catching up post

So I haven't posted a while because we were on a nice little family vacation to Cali to visit my hubby's brother and sister and their families for four days. We found out that Dan will start his 24 on/48 off schedule in a couple of weeks and although he doesn't technically work Thanksgiving or Christmas, he will work either the days before or after...thus we won't be going anywhere for the holidays and this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to get outta dodge.

It was lovely, as getaways often are! I read Stephenie Meyer's 2nd book New Moon aloud to Danny (he tolerates me, what can I say) so the 9.5 hours went quickly. The weather was so much cooler there and the in-laws kept us busy the entire time we were there. My favorite moments were spent at his grandfather's house where we ate and played and took so many fabulous pictures. Alas, I let my son use my camera the next morning and he accidentally deleted all 120 pictures I'd taken the day before. Trying so hard not to be mad at him, I informed him that I knew it was an accident, but I couldn't let him use my camera any more. It almost ruined the rest of my vacation--I was so disappointed! I had really taken some great shots with artistic flair (for me!) and was looking so forward to how they came out!

One of my favorites was a picture I took of a Hospital Bill for the birth of his grandparents' first baby, Linda, who died within the first two weeks of birth for unknown reasons. She spent her first 8 healthy days in the hospital -- mom and baby both, that's just how they did it back then -- and the grand total for the 8 days of hospital stay and delivery was $67!! So amazing! He said that was a lot of money, too! I'll have to get a scan of it...I already had a scrapbook page all mapped out in my head, lol!

Anyway, pictures gone, time to move on. (Can you tell it really upset me?) We went to my niece Kylie's soccer game (she's 4 and soooo cute!) and then went out for tempanyaki (did I totally butcher the spelling of that? Help me out, Nat-Mat!) at the Tokyo Steak House. This was beyond cool! They did all the cooking right in front of us and put on a little show while at it. We loved it! Several times flames spurted out in all directions (on purpose) and that, Ethan did not like. In fact, I have a great picture of him pouting at the table, just hating life. But then, they brought out the chopsticks and he took to them like a 3 yr old to dirt. He LOVES using the chopsticks, and he's by far the most successful chopstick user in our family!

Kylie, age 4

Danny and Ethan

Japanese Steak House

Just beginning

The flaming volcano

The rice was WONDERFUL!

Ethan did NOT like the fire so close

Sean and Cameron dug it!

Danny's brother Mike and his family

We took a bunch of chopsticks home. =)

Then, we drove out to Sierra where it was quite cool and supported my other nieces and nephew while they played pop warner football and cheered during two different games. It was long 5 hours for my kiddos, but great to see the kids in action on the field. More good eating later at the Pizza Factory and then off to bed.

Brianna, age 9 on the left

All snuggled up for the cool weather and the loooooong game

Brianna doing her thing!

Half time

Brandon, age 10 in the middle

Brianna and Kyle (age 7)

Collin age 2 saying 'cheese!'

Nicole, age 11 in the middle

On Sunday we stayed for Sacrament Meeting...we never do that...since the drive is so long, we usually like to get an early move-on, but the kids were in the Primary Program at 10 so we decided to stay. All 6 nieces and nephews had parts and sang beautifully. The most touching was at the very end when little Brianna gave her part about the Resurrection and how our bodies will be reuinted with our spirits. She ended by saying "I'll be reunited with my birthmom...I can't wait!" Holy turn-on-the-waterworks! I bawled the rest of the meeting! (My sister-in-law Flor passed away several years ago from cancer leaving three young children. My brother-in-law Mike later remarried--love ya, Kenia!--my current sister-in-law who had two girls of her own. Sorry if that's confusing.)

It was a really nice and refreshing weekend, literally!


Amie said...

Great Catch UP!!! Glad you had a lovely time away :o)

LIZZEE said...

Sounds like a great trip

Christine said...

Sounds wonderful! We did Benihana's here in Scottsdale, but boy was it expensive! Awesome, but woo. Sorry about the pictures! Glad you had fun.

The Bluths said...

Oh man, I would be so upset about the pictures. That seems like a complicated thing to accidentally do. Darn.

Natalie said...

I have no idea how to spell tepanyaki - nor, I'd wager, would my Japanese father. :) I wish I'd known you were going out for Japanese food. I would have suggested some NON-scary sushi for you to try! Seriously, we have to do that someday. I promise, it's not yucky. I don't like fish! Not even tuna fish! Trust me.

Also, just have to say: Love the picture of Danny with Ethan. It's very striking with the dark clouds in the background!