Wednesday, September 12, 2007

where's the beef? here's mine

Yes, here is my beef for the day.

Anti Spam Words. Word Verification. Non-robot verification.

You may or may not know what those are and if you have them, you may or may not know who you are. This is an option that most blog sites have in regards to comments left. A person leaves a comment, then has to 'prove' that he is not a spammer or automated robot by rekeying in squiggly looking numbers, letters, codes, etc <----- most of these are really hard to read. Yes, the point, I get it.

But I HATE them.

Please take them off your blogs. I'm on my hands and knees here. I'm begging. They are so annoying. They slow me down. They're nearly impossible to get the first time. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 times to get them right, call me an idiot, whatever. But in my opinion, they are useless. In my year and a half of blogging here and on myspace, I have gotten a total of maybe 3 spam comments.


I have near 100 visitors per day, and in all my experience of blogging, there have been three teeny tiny little comments (I think all in foreign languages) that I simply deleted with the click of the mouse.

Now, there's another option. You can set up your blog account to 'hold' a new comment for you until you read it and approve it, allowing it on your site. To me, that requires more work and inconvenience than just simply disposing of the comment verification altogether.

Now obviously, if you've had lots of problems with this, I gracefully say, "Carrie on then, carrie on", like Neville from the fig newton commercial back in the know, the one where the English Mum comes into a room to find her son eating fig newtons in bed.

"Neville....I thought I said no eating cookies in bed."

"It's not a cookie, Muthah, it's a fruit newton!"

"Oh...carrie on then, carrie on."

I realize it's your call, and as I mentioned earlier, some of you don't even know you have it set up that way on your pages. I mentioned it to a friend a while ago (hey Allison, what's up?) and she immediately said, "yeah, I hate those too!" Umm, yeah....she totally had one on her blog and didn't even know it.

So. Get rid of them. They bother me.

There's my beef for the day.


tif-do said...

My oldest son and I got a laugh out of this, because I too can never get them on the 1st try and it's so frustrating. Anyhow, forgetting that I even had one, I have now taken it off. Comment away!

Natalie said...

I do love a good rant! I don't have one do I? Those things bug. I've only ever got two of those spam comments - and they're in spanish, so I don't really care what they say. Does anyone in blogland have that high of a profile? How hard is it to delete a comment? I'm there with ya sista!

The Bluths said...

I used to have them until I upgraded my blog to the new template and ever since then I haven't had one spam. I used to get them until I did the word verification thing, now nothing. hmm

LIZZEE said...

UMM do I have one I have no clue cause I don't leave myself comments LOL>...

Hey girl Happy Birthday enjoy your day

Tim and Shawnie said...

blow out those candles!!!!!!!

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Happy Birthday to you....Amie! Hope you have a great day today!

Christine said...

I sure hope I don't have one :)

Have a wonderful birthday! My son's in on Sunday and James' was on the 8th, not to mention Sophie's on the 29th. You are another special person I have in my life with a September birthday, and I'm glad to have you!

leaner said...

LOL, I hate them too. But when I started blogging (3 years ago...) I used to get spam every other post! It was annoying! But just for you, I took it off.

How do you get visitor counter? Where do you get one? I would love to have one of those.

Becca said...

um, right on. im with ya on this!