Thursday, October 4, 2007

i am the biggest dork

Wanna know how big?

You remember that our trampoline busted a few months ago? And remember how we came up with the great incentive for our kids to earn a new one--Read and Pray Every Day for 30 straight days without missing. That's right, bribing our kids to get in a good scripture reading habit. Whatever works. *grin*

Well, we made it; had to start over once in the middle when we accidentally missed a day, but we finally made it. So I went online to order a new pad. The sites are very specific on how to measure, what to measure, etc etc etc. So we make sure we have the right number of springs (84) for our 14 foot trampoline, we order the right size of springs (7 inches) for our 14 foot trampoline, and we order. Free shipping, badda bing, badda boom, it's here. We lay out the pad for our 14 foot trampoline and come to find out WE DO NOT HAVE A 14 FOOT TRAMPOLINE! It's a 12 footer. How much of a dork am I? I didn't even measure that because I KNEW it was 14 feet! So I call, and tell them I need to swap it out for a 12 footer--they don't even make a 12 foot pad for an 84 springed model, so I have to find a completely different company. DORK DORK DORK!

I am totally batting 1000 this week.


Christine said...

Oh no! You are not a dork, I've done stuff like that before. We love you anyway!


Christine said...

Like the new Meez, supper cute!

Natalie said...

I don't know if it's better to be the windshield or the bug. You know, "Some days you're the windshield; some days you're the bug"... Either way, you're either squashed by something clear - you couldn't see was coming. Or else you're covered in bug guts! Lose, lose, I say. So you're having a windshield/bug experience right now! :)

Heidi said...

LOL - sweet! I didn't even know they made 12 footers!

Okay - just in case you didn't get my e-mail - here's a link to a video by my finepix S7000 (ignore my screaming! LOL!)
and whatever other pictures are in June were mostly taken by the fuji - a few phone pictures, but you can DEFINATELY tell which ones! Sorry I'm having e-mail problems! Getting them worked on right NOW!

Anonymous said...

good luck amie. have agreat one tammi

Becca said...

oh bummer! hate when that happens. im a dork, so i understand! but i dont think you are one!

well, from what i saw of moonlight, the bad guys suck blood. i think the good guy is not into that. but, i think he gets blood from his friend at the morgue. so, i say, maybe watch with caution. there is an interesting romance that I want to know more about. it really was good, but might not be for you. next week or whenever its on, maybe tonight, i will pay more attention and watch through your eyes, then let you know. I Just said some things in this post that i didnt think i would ever say in natural conversation to a fellow mormon! Morgue, suck, blood, drink blood!! LOL!! interesting!!

Ashley Harris said...

Oh man! I hate it when that happens! ARG!

Becca said...

oh ps. the only way i found to make a sticky post, from reading the help stuff on blogger, is to change the date. If you notice the date for my sticky prize post(which are prize giveaways for the weekend crop) its Oct. 15. So you just do a future date.

Amie said...

Well I have just caught up on everything... Love the LO's! I am so sorry to read about your camera :o( Was it insured?? The kids look like they are having an awesome time playing twister. Hope you find a really good camera soon.

Have a great week

Amie xx