Sunday, October 21, 2007

a lil' bit of everythang

Hey there folks and a happy Sunday evening to you. We've just had a delightful weekend full of nothing. Just chillaxin', went nowhere, did nothing, but enjoyed being with each other. Today, Danny started his shift work, 24 hours on/48 hours off, which will continue thru the end of Paramedic School in January and likely far beyond as a certified Medic. There are pros and cons to it. It'll be nice to have occasional days during the week when he can be home so I can get some things done, and it'll be nice to have the opportunity for OT again. On the con side, he'll have to work every third Sunday, which also means he'll only have a full weekend off every three weeks, but such is life as a paramedic. =) He likes his new preceptor and *super plus* his rides are here in Surprise for 2 months and then in Litchfield. No more Mesa driving. Ahhhhh.

Cameron had a good week--no negative calls from the principal and no bad days. Ahhh... we needed that, we really did. It was either a fluke or something we're doing is working. Either way, I'll take it. The earlier bedtime is awesome.

The choir ROCKED today (in a most reverent way) singing "Consider the Lillies." Thanks to MusikMama for her hard work and dedication as our choir director. You are also awesome.

I've stayed really good on my diet for almost 2 weeks straight. I hate to say anything as to jinx it, but what I'm doing is just following the Kellogg's Challenge to eat their cereal for breakfast and lunch with small snacks and fruit, as well as a sensible dinner. I like it and I'm losing, so yee-haw! Once again, you guessed it: awesome.

If you'd like to help me win a prize, go here to Kendra's blog, link to her Waxing site and enter her blog candy for a free waxing. =) Please tell her I sent you--for each person I refer I get another chance at the prize. And you can do the same of course! (If I win I'm totally sending my hairy uni-brow husband to cash in on this puppy!) This is just for locals. While you're there, check out Kendra's wedding photos. They are gorgeous. Show Kendra some love; she's a beautiful girl.

I have finally fixed my email subscription feed--if interested in receiving emails when I have submitted new blog posts, sign up for feedblitz on the bottom of the panel on the left. Make me happy people, show me how much you love me. I'm needy.


Kendra said...

Amie, YOU'RE aewsome! Thanks for the shout out!

Christine said...

Ahhhh, nothing like relaxin.So glad you got to kick your heals up.