Friday, November 23, 2007

black friday

Happy Black Friday to you!

Anyone brave the stores out there? I succumbed finally, to good prices and great incentives. Got together with a friend and we stood outside Toys R' Us this cold morning for 40 minutes (it was already open, but they were rationing people inside) so I could pick up a PS2 for my kiddos and three free games. Supposedly a $100 value, those games were, so we felt good about that! The, some Best Buy, some Wal-Mart (and wow, let me tell you, we were in and out there so fast! they seriously have some great customer service going on) and we were done by 9:30. Super.

Now to find some wrapping paper...

We watched movies all day with my parents, some oldies and some new. Then my dad and I solved the mystery of the smoke detector going off somewhere in my neighborhood all the livelong day! 11:00 at night we drove around, north of my street, south of my street, and to the east. It was definitely coming from my street. Then I had the sudden realization that it was probably the house that our old neighbors just moved out of last Monday. Sure enough, I walked up to their doorstep and it was their house. They have moved and gone and that alarm has been going off for at least 16 hours. I heard it every time I got close to an open window. Annoying. I'll call them in the morning to see if there's anything they can do.

As always, my parents' visit went too quickly. They'll be on their way back to UT tomorrow morning, early if my mom has anything to do with it. Let's face it, my kids can wear you out even in small amounts! They'll be sad to see Grandma and Grandpa go.


Grandmom said...

No shopping for me, but did go to grocery store after PT. I don't like big crowds!

Kendra said...

I finally succombed as well. I absolutely DETEST black friday, but this year I was compelled to go. Now that Jacob is getting older, and actually knows what he wants for Christmas, I am forced to be a slave to the retail gods. I got some outstanding deals though, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. People were actually pretty decent this year. At least in Utah. The best hing about black friday is that Wal-Mart is open 24 hours, so there is no crush to get throught the doors at 5 am. But, the thing I liked most about Wal-Mart is that they price match EVERYONE. I took ads from all the other discount stores, grocery stores, office supply etc. I only had to go to Wal-Mart and they never questioned a thing. Yipee!