Sunday, November 25, 2007

catchin' up on some pics

My brother-in-law Alan and mother-in-law Connie at the temple last week as Alan went thru for the first time--going on an LDS mission to Santiago Chile in January 08. Don't they look great?

Thanksgiving weekend (not one picture of the food--why do I always forget? oh wait, I know, cuz I've been standing and running and racing and cooking for 48 straight hours, that's why!) So, pics of the kids playing with my parents, a huge bear my kids got as a gift from a friend moving away, and how cute is my brother with my two sons? They see him maybe 3 times a year (you seriously need to visit more often, live like 30 minutes away) but my kids love playing with him)

And then just a quick few of the temple lights:

(If you look real close and ignore my son's goofy face, you can see Amy R. from our ward in the red hair behind us in that last picture of me and Cameron. We happened to be at the visitor's center at the same time)

And I know the light isn't good on these last few, but I love the bright colors of my kids by the little Christmas trees.


Grandmom said...

Great pics!

Christine said...

I remember him being so little. I can't believe time has passed so quickly and he's going on a mission!