Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i am the po-po

I just want to start by asking a question: how do you know if you've broken a bone? I mean, is there any sure way to know other than xray or said bone sticking out of one's body or the like? I think I may have broken a bone in my arm. Last Thursday I played volleyball, as I always do, and I had a couple of bad hits. You know, where you weren't quite close enough to the ball to get a real secure hit and it just kinda bounces off the end of of your hand, jolting you up your arm? Well, I felt it the next day...and every day since. I'm still using it, but I'm just pushing through the pain. If I twist it or use it, grasp anything or try to pick anything up, it hurts about 2 inches above my wrist bones.

The thing is, I probably won't do anything about it even if it is broken. Cuz I just don't have time for that. My husband has one day off this week, so I was planning on going in to the kids' classes then. It's probably too late to get into my doc anyway. (And I honestly have no time to sit on the phone on hold for 50 minutes while waiting to book an appt that probably won't happen for another 4 weeks. Don't ask. We're in the market for a new PCP if you have any suggestions. I love my doc, I really do, but it's very hard to get into see him.) I think I must have a high tolerance for pain. I've only broken three bones ever and not had any of them casted for various reasons.

1) My littlest toe in college--I fell down my apartment stairs the day before the Sadie Hawkins dance. This was a confirmed fracture but they don't do anything for broken tootsies, so I danced on. Carefully.

2) A bone in my right hand from our first accident, Easter 01. I never got this confirmed because I was a devoted wife and hardly left my hubby's side for a moment while he was in his coma/on his ventilator/going through rehab/etc, etc, etc. But I know it was broken. Any time anyone shook my hand or gripped my hand it hurt so badly. If I'd said anything, I know my family would have forced me to go get it xrayed/casted/whatever they do to broken hand bones and I just didn't have time for that kind of stuff in my world. Pressing matters, life and death, et al. 5 weeks later, it was much better.

3) My sternum from our most recent accident in June. And even that one, I waited 2 weeks before finally getting a doc to look at it. {Remember, the initial ER Xrays showed no break} It hurt, but I thought it would go away. After 2 weeks, it still killed to get up off the bed or sneeze or cough, so I figured I'd better get re-checked. And yes, broken. And no, they don't do anything for fractured sternums. That'll be $200 co-pay please. Another couple of months and that was better too.

So now I wonder...is it really something I need to have checked out? Won't it just inconvenience me? Can't I just let it heal on my own? Do I have to give up volleyball?

On a totally unrelated note, here's a little quiz I saw on Leaner's site. I really am the Grammar Police! I'd like to devote my results to my 8th grade English teacher Betty Tillapaugh who is by far one of the best teachers I've ever known. Love ya, Mrs. T! =)

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Amie said...

hi, this comment doesn't really have anything to do with your post...just wanted to say that you have an awesome name. Oh, and hope the arm feels better asap!

Christine said...

I always thought that it would hurt so bad you couldn't move it. But, I've never broke anything, so I'm not quite sure. Sorry! I hope it feels better!

tif-do said...

Wasn't she our kindergarten teacher too?

Toni said...

Karli had a broken arm for a week before we finally got it x-rayed. It was just a buckle fracture and the Dr said that it would have probably healed on its own just fine. They put it in a cast for 4 weeks though to protect it.

heather said...

you need to get an xray. and you aren't a kid any more. Things don't heal as easily or nicely because your bones aren't growing anymore. Will your plan cover urgent care?

The Bluths said...

No time my butt! Look at all those scrap booking pages and things you've done. You can wait on the phone while you scrap :) I think you should get it checked out, you don't want it to come back and haunt you later on in life.

Heidi said...

It would be swollen and mostly immobile. bruise is option. Doesn't your super-husband have x-ray vision?

I'd just run by an urgent care first thing in the morning - not as busy and much cheaper than ER.

Natalie said...

you could have a stress fracture! misty told me that a friend of hers that started that running program got stress fractures in both of her shins after one week. it could happen! it's just lots of pain and no swelling. better safe than sorry! get it checked!

Amie said...

You poor thing I hope your arm heals nice and quickly ;O)

This is crazy to have another Amie....

Jan Scholl said...

if its broken, you will develop athritis in it if its not set properly.

it could be a pinched nerve, too/

go to the eR and tell them you hurt bad.....at least you get it looked at.