Sunday, December 30, 2007

mish mash, hodge podge, smorgasborg of all the happenings round here

First, the last two layouts I did yesterday:
The journaling reads: Cameron had a full range of tests: MRI, Xrays, CAT Scan, etc., and it was decided that he had broken his orbital bone--the bone just under his eye. For days, his eye oozed blood as well as his nose, cheek, & lips. The side of this face, eyes, & mouth were so swollen, he couldn't swallow well, eat, or of course talk. His eye was pretty much swollen shut. While the other two boys were treated & released after one night in the hospital, it was decided that Cameron would need sugery to fix his bone & plastic surgery for his eye. He & Ethan loved driving around in this little car during his hospital stay.

The journaling reads: Ethan had a couple of bad conks on his head & face & got 6 stitches on his forehead (which he promptly PULLED OUT!) So he went home on Day 2 with a derma-bonded head & a permanent scar.

The next pics are from DANCING WITH THE STARS that we went to on Friday night!! How fun! First of all, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't all this year's cast--the only stars were Sabrina from this season, Drew Lachey from season 1, and Joey Lawrence from a couple of seasons ago. But once I got past that, I just enjoyed the dancing, music, and experience. The floor was too far away for decent pictures, so instead of focusing on those, I got a dozen little mini video clips instead.

Two of the professionals dancing.

Wayne Newton was there and sang 4-5 songs.

Fun stuff--Sabrina was awesome (my favorite) and danced most of the night with Derek Hough (also my favorite) and once with her partner Mark Ballas. Here's two quick short videos of a group dance and another with Cheryl with Drew Lachey.

Danny has been working for months on his boat, so here are a couple shots of the finished project. He stained, sanded, sealed, and riveted new wood on the top/sides, and back, cleaned it out really well, replaced a tons of little parts, and got new oars for Christmas courtesy of my parents.

Lastly, but not leastly?, my parents came in as a surprise to the kids, just for a few days so they could take Cameron back with them for a week! His first time--he was very excited to go and get all of Grandma's attention. We already miss him. =) Here we are at our local Chinese Buffet getting fat (and food poisoned, eh Chris?).


tif-do said...

Your mom and dad... ahh sweet memories for me. Looks like you had a great time at Dancing with the Stars... how cool.

Kate O'Brien said...

So cool your parents came in for a visit! I bet that Dancing With the Stars performance was so much fun!

And I love the design on those 2 layouts. Again, you did a wonderful job documenting your experience.


Christine said...

Wow! Looks like you had fun! The layouts look great, as you usual you talented girl you. I did 4 layouts this weekend, thus far a record for me. I am so slow!
BTW, love the buffet :)

Have a great time tonight! Happy New Year!!!

Delfina said...

Your mom and dad look like such a sweet couple. Thats so sweet that they came to visit. Make's me miss family.