Wednesday, December 26, 2007

warning: graphic photos in these layouts

I finally started scrapping the pictures from our accident in June. I went back and forth trying to decide if I would share these or not, just due to their graphic and personal nature, but I figure I already posted most of these pictures in June, so they're already out there to see.

Anyway, I've done the first 5, and there will likely be around 35 total. I'm doing a complete album on just the accident, because there were so many pictures over the month or two of healing, and so much story and emotions to tell, I just knew I couldn't limit it to a couple of pages in my regular scrapbook. I'm am doing them in the 8x8 size which I'm really liking but having to get used to. At least they're quick.

For you who are looking, I'd love some feedback on these, not just the pages, but the pictures as well. They are still hard for me to look at, but I think doing this scrapbook will be healing. The worst one is page four of Cameron--after that, nothing compares, but there will be lots of pictures detailing his busted up face. Just a warning...I'll try to keep the warnings in my title just so readers are aware.

And with said warning, here are my first 5 pages:

The journaling reads: June 15, 2007 We were on our way to my parents' in St. George, UT. About 45 miles north of Wickenburg, a woman lost control of her car & veered into our lane. We broad-sided her car, just as she began to roll over. This was the start of a very traumatic summer.

The journaling reads: The other driver had a tire blow-out & landed upside-down. She had head trauma & injured her shoulder, possibly breaking her collar bone. She was air-evac'd as well. We never spoke, though we were taken to the same hospital.

The journaling reads: We stopped traffic for miles & miles in either direction, keeping people waiting for hours. Since we were 45 miles from the nearest town, it took a while before the fire department & paramedics were there to help. We were lucky that quite a few bystanders got out of their cars to help us, give us water, or offer their services. A few in particular were off-duty nurses & paramedics. I lost count, but at one point, we had 3 fire trucks, 2-3 ambulances, and 3 air-evacuation helicopters there to assist us. (Me & Sean in one, Dan & Cam in another, & Ethan by himself.)

The journaling reads: Cameron was the worst hurt out of everyone. He was in a booster seat & had his lap belt on, but not his shoulder harness. He hit the back of my seat really hard. I'll never forget that moment after impact when I saw him start to bleed--from his eye, nose, & mouth. It was so scary because he kept trying to go to sleep.

The journaling reads: Sean was the least hurt out of all the kids, just some stomach bruising from his seatbelt, but he was air-lifted just to make sure. Here he is in the ambulance on the left & in the helicopter on the right. He said the vibrations from the helicopter tickled.


Christine said...

I still tear up looking at the pictures of your babies. That must have been so hard to go through. The picture of Cameron gets me every time. He healed so well, it's hard to believe that was him. Thank you for sharing.
BTW, the layouts are beautiful.

LIZZEE said...

The layouts are very well done.. Just puts life into prospective when you look at an event like this not to take life for granted.. I'm glad everyone healed

Anonymous said...

Im glad you had the courage to scrap about such a sad event, im proud of you!!!!

Sarah, hippy-chick

Delfina said...

Those are so heart touching. Hard to see and read, but they alway make us feel thankful for what the lord does for us. I'm glad you made a little book of this. It always make helps out with the healing process for you and your family.

Grandmom said...

I know it must be hard to scrap these pics, I've still not done our accident pics. Luckily we only have a few of the power pole and my wrecked Van, none of me!

Kate O'Brien said...

I think you did a great job documenting this. I'm sure it was an emotional experience creating them all.

Claudia79 said...

It touches my heart seeing all your pages about this scary moment. Thanks for sharing, anyway, and I'm really happy for your sake, that you all managed! xoxo frida

Kendra said...

Amie, the LO's are beautiful, as always. The pictures are sickening, but you have made me rethink our vehicle safety and my kid's carseats and positioning. Thanks for sharing such a difficult period of your life.

Susie Q said...

Oh wow, Amie. The "sweet child of mine" layout completely brought me to tears. What a sweet boy who had to go through so much. Children are amazing and resilient and they heal much faster than we do as adults. And I think that goes for physical and emotional. I know your emotional scars run deep from this accident and by creating this album, is so healing! And your family will always like to look back at this because it's a part of your history and what made you guys who you are today. You're awesome. Thanks for sharing such a personal thing with us. It sure makes me appreciate life more.