Thursday, December 13, 2007

We had our Visiting Teaching Conference/Progressive Dinner/Enrichment meeting tonight and as always, it was soooooo good. I just love getting to visit with the sisters as we walk (heh, drive, some of us were cold and cheated, but I'm not naming names) from house to house, chat and get to know the girls better. It was a mexican themed menu, with enchiladas as the main dish. Sooooooo good. I really enjoyed sitting around the fire at Maegan's, having great conversation at Joanna's, getting to know some people better at Tasha's, and enjoying all of Keri's amazing interior design <------- holy cow, that girl's got talent! Such good relaxed conversation and delicious food...mmm, it's a good thing. The messages were great and the music was beautiful. Thanks to all who planned, hosted, and carried this out. It doesn't hurt that I wasn't one of the ones in charge of it this time! *wheeeeeee!*

Here's my work for the day. I couldn't go to bed without finishing this one up (and it's almost midnight, but it's done now!) Two more lifts, one from Wendy McKee and the other I'm not sure.


Amie said...

Hey Amie,
Just caught up on your blog, I have been so busy this week I haven't even had time to update my own!!! Loving all of your LO's congrats on getting so many done this year.... I LoVe you ho ho ho chrissy card great idea :o)

How scarey for you the other night in your car, I'm glad nothing bad happened, but how horrible that you are scared to drive around now.

Well have a great weekend.
Hugs Amie xx

Christine said...

I've never done the progressive dinner thing. I don't think we've done too many in my ward. It does sound fun! Mmmm...I love enchiladas! Do you like tamales?

LIZZEE said...

Wow these are awesome and that Wendy rocks.. that's for sure great job on the layout and lift.

Deanne said...

Truffles, yum!!!

Love your blog and love your scrapping!!!

And, just for the record, I only have 18 more LOs to reach my goal!!! hehe!!!

I just finished one then!

becca said...

love these pages! the progressive dinner sounds like a super fun idea! not sure it would work here, everyone lives sort of far from each other, but sounds like a very nice evening!