Friday, December 14, 2007

friday fun

Thanks to CC and Dude for hanging out with me all day (Nat-Mat, you were missed!), and Heather even came over for some music practice, visiting teaching, and girl chat. I got some lovely Christmas presents from the girls which was so sweet! Lovely treats, truffles (mmmmmm), homemade cocoa (double mmmmm), decorations, and an awesome modge-podged picture frame from Dude that I LOVE! I'd show a picture of it here, but it has my last name on it. If I can figure out how to blur that, I'll include a picture later. Thanks girls! Much fun!

I'm working these two-page layouts, don't you think? I got to a point where I hated two-pagers, but now that I'm just lifting favorite layouts from friends and other scrappers, I'm stealing other's inspiration! Here's what I did today:


Christine said...

So much fun!!!!!!!!!

LIZZEE said...

Look at your four more pages closer to your goal.. They are adorable.

Amie said...

Love these pages, just awesome :o)

Amie xx

becca said...

these are great 2 pagers. sometimes a little scraplift makes life move more quickly and you get your groove back! they look great!